#HBC The menses

And by menses, I do mean multiple men.  We were utterly amazed at the difference between men in New York and men in the South.  No wonder some people complain when they come South.   We determined in the South, there are really only a few types of (casual) dressers.

  • The jeans and tennis shoes guy
  • The shorts and flip flops guy
  • A mix of the above.  Like, some guy will wear shorts and tennis shoes or jeans and flip flops
  • The Wranglers and boots guy
  • The 3X shirt and 5 sizes too big low-slung jeans and tennis shoes guy

That about covers it all.  Scott is a tennis shoes guy with jeans in the winter and shorts in the summer.  I would venture to guess Dani would say her husband is a tennis shoes and shorts guy all year round.  The rednecks true Southern men wear Wranglers and boots (don’t get me wrong on the redneck comment….just go look at Ree’s husband in some Wranglers..there is NO complaining here).

But in New York?  You know what we saw?  A tourist OR a hot local man.  And said hot man was wearing:

  • Designer jeans that fit very nicely
  • A shirt. Usually a printed tee.  Maybe a tight sweater.
  • Or, if we were lucky, he had a suit on but hey, it was the weekend.
  • Sometimes a short, well-fit black leather jacket
  • Nice shoes..either box-toe dress shoes or cute oxford tennis shoes.
  • If it was a bit chilly, a nice scarf
  • And usually, the really hot ones had shaved their heads
  • And usually they were of some descent that made them tan.  Couldn’t figure out WHAT they were.  Arabic? Mexican? Italian?

And this was the NORM.  Every corner we were going WOW, he was hot, wow, he was hot.  In fact, Heather started snapping undercover photos on her iPhone of the guys.  And if she didn’t have the right angle?  She passed her phone to me so *I* could snap the photo.  It became almost a game and let me tell you, it was a fun one.

As soon as we hit the airport Monday morning, our luck was out and we were quickly greeted by many jeans/flip-flop guys who in their own right can be cute but nothing like a HOT New York man.  And don’t you even second-guess there will be a shopping trip for Scott coming up!

And just for fun, here are just two of them snapped at the #HBC dinner Saturday night.  The guy sitting down had a multi-color scarf on on his way out.  And wow, the second one is still HOT.  Like, Wentworth Miller HOT.


  1. They were so HAWT!!!!!!!

    Heather W.’s last blog post..Credit Card Processing

  2. This post was just too fun… and true! When my daughter, Audrey, was living in the city (7 years worth), we would always take long walks, and wherever we went there would be these totally hot guys. Now remember… I am married, as you know, and Audrey was married… so we could LOOK. But Audrey always reminded me that for any guy to look “that” hot, he had to spend lots and lots and lots of time looking like he didn’t spend lots and lots and lots of time doing so. Ah… that’s the secret. These hot guys do spend money and time on the perfect outfits. They spend lots of time “almost” shaving their heads and “almost” shaving their faces. They spend time learning how to lean on a bar and lean in to listen to some young hot thing! Audrey also always reminded me of how tedious it would be to date, or live with, or marry a guy who spends more time in the mirror than your most vain college roommate…

    OK. I get it. But we can look. Right? (And even snap photos!)

  3. LOL re: the title. It took me FOREVER to figure out that you were making a cute plural of “men” by saying menses. I just couldn’t see what your monthly period had to do with cute guys!


    Lynellen’s last blog post..Making progress

  4. I finally get your post title! It just could NOT understand what your monthly period had to do with cute guys. Then I realized you were trying to make a cute plural of ‘men’… kinda like gollum would do in Lord of the Rings.

    I kept saying to myself, quoting ‘The Princess Bride’…”I do not think that word means what you think it means!”

    merriam-webster -dot- com/dictionary/menses

    Lynellen’s last blog post..Making progress

  5. I’ve toyed with growing my hair out a couple times this year. Hmmm maybe I’ll keep it this way for a little while longer…

    BusyDad’s last blog post..I’m Smarter Than a First Grader

  6. Sharon, you are right! I love the “almost” shave and I guess it does take practice to look that good. It’s just so funny the roles were swapped…I didn’t even get to that in the post but the females there were SO under-dressed whereas the women here often dress up just to go to the grocery store.

    Lynellen, haha, I figured someone would read it like that :)

    BusyDad, don’t you dare! You fit right in with the NYC men :)

    Amy’s last blog post..#HBC The menses

  7. I like how you travel! Taking secret pictures of hot NY men sounds like a fun game to me! :)

    Jen’s last blog post..Six Random Facts

  8. You are so right. I have no idea about Southern men, but you got the NY ones right on. It’s funny, I almost roll my eyes at the hotness, because they all know it! But there are so many of them. Pretty women all over, too, right?

    EDW’s last blog post..It’s been so long that I have written with a pen

  9. That’s the thing…no! We only saw a handful of women that I would classify as “NY” women. Maybe because it was the weekend, idk, but we were so surprised most of the women were in drab colors, flat boots and no clothes that were very flattering at all.