Breaking Dawn Review

*************BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS***********************


Where to start?  There was just so much to this book.  I think I’ll just start making notes.

  • The honeymoon was set up to be so good.  The island, the house, the bed, the view and then…such a disappointment.  Seriously.  First time and we get nothin’.  I get that they were probably saving up for their big moment both being vampires but really.  We waited all this time and we didn’t even hardly get any kissing.  OMG.  So disappointed in that.  I did love how she was so nervous though.
  • I was a bit disappointed about the pregnancy thing I think.  I mean, in the end, I think the whole thing worked but I guess I felt a little bit jipped that a lot of the book was centered around Nessie instead of Edward and Bella.  I mean, ultimately, it WAS about them but wow, they got married and BAM, they’re pregnant.
  • I SO saw Jac0b imprinting on Nessie.  I think it was a little weird for me at first.  I missed Jac0b caring about Bella so much.  But I did like how he was so protective over Nessie.  I LOVED Edward saying he didn’t owe Jac0b ANYTHING.
  • Jac0b’s book was so. funny.  (In fact, the entire book had lots of really funny parts) The chapter titles alone were worth it.  But there were stretches during the pregnancy I was like ok.  we get it.  Move on.  Some of the werewolf stuff dragged on a bit as well.  But overall it was fun to see stuff through his eyes.  I did cry when he lost Bella.
  • The blonde jokes were hilarious with Rosalie.
  • Jasper grew on me.
  • I loved their first night together in their house.  Again, more details would have been okie dokie with me.
  • The end was great.  It was a bit campie, yes when Bella’s shield finally decided to work JUST RIGHT at just the right moment and Alice HAPPENED to come into the meadow at just the right moment.  But in the end, I liked that there was still a war waged.  Mental, yes, but there was still a war that was played out.  And they won.  For once, no one died.  And it was all Bella.  Bella was the reason.  I cried so much when they were all saying goodbye.
  • I cried at the end.  A lot.  I think partly because of PMS but partly it’s just, I don’t know, I started looking back at the whole story thinking back to when they were just in puppy love except that it wasn’t puppy love.  It was the real thing.  And I understood Edward’s struggle more after living a vampire life through Bella.  And how much restraint he showed when she was a human.   And how Bella really loved two men and made a choice not to hurt Edward anymore.  And how Edward went from a jerk to being too strict with Bella to then letting her make her own choices…right or wrong.  Then getting married and sharing this unique baby and just I don’t know.  I think maybe I see a little of my own life in the story.  I see how at the end they are settled and happy and yet still SO in love with one another.  It’s really heart warming.
  • I really loved how Bella was able to let Edward see her mind finally.  It was something Edward wanted so much and as she rolled through their memories, I did too and imagined Edward feeling what she felt.  Well, it was just overwhelming.
  • I do feel a little bit of Bella was lost in this book though.  A little of her edge and quirkiness was gone.  But then I think, we all change.  I’m not the same as I was before and Bella had literally changed into a new person so it’s to be expected.  I’m not saying I liked her less (or maybe I am, idk).  I’m just saying I think the mother part of me attached to her more than the teenager still stuck in me.  But it was definitely a different Bella.

Questions I have for Stephenie I scribbled down on my iPhone last night before finally getting some rest.

Did she consider having bella klutzy
Why did she choose for Nessie drink blood
Did she ever consider Charlie having something more to do with it
Did she always know bella’s gift was the shield
Carlisle mentioned Edwards patience during her transformation but it only took 2 days. Anything specific meant there?
Why so little details of their lovemaking after many more teases in twilight and eclipse?
Any chance we’ll read about Jessie (nessie and jacob)?
Did jasper deal with his crap?  Seems like he did as he seemed more content later in the book.
Did you consider other human involvement at their house during the witnesses? No one noticed the extra traffic and people in really nice cars
How to come up with the vampire gifts?  Did you plan out the end first or figure out the end of the book by using the gifts you knew of?
Why was bella so bothered by emmett’s joking?


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