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A list

I have a list.  No, it’s not related to the end of the year or New Years’ resolutions.  These are things I need and want to do right now beyond the normal work, cook, clean, laundry.  Some I hope to finish this weekend, some may be months down the road. It is as follows:

  • Finish Youth Group web site
  • Finish Church web site
  • Finish my non-novel
  • Get iTunes set up on Mac
  • Finish reading The Host
  • Re-read Twilight series
  • Go couponing at CVS/Harris Teeter
  • Organize paperwork

Just called my work day over so here I go…

We’re Home!

I am SO happy to be home.  Our last day in Maryland yesterday still was somehow busy even though it was our day off from Family Gatherings.  We ate, shopped, ate some more and shopped some more.  Just how we like it.  Somewhere along the day though I had officially had enough family time.  I was ready to get home!  Not to mention the fact the house somehow was freezing at night and between my head feeling like a block of ice during the night and the howling wind literally waking me up, I didn’t sleep well.  I’m currently huddled under all my blankets in my bed and happily hot.

The ride home today was uneventful.  The girls were excellent on both road trips.  I think Lexi only cried one time and it was very short lived. They were content to play with toys and I think they may have watched Peter Pan a few times.  Either way it was NICE.

Mom took the kids for the night so I’m hoping to get some good rest tonight. I have to work tomorrow.  Scott has to work tomorrow night so no big plans for NYE.

All in all, did I mention I’m just happy to be home!?

Four Meme

EDW tagged me for a meme and since she is being really nice and helping me with my non-novel, I will do whatever Ms. EDW asks me to…so here ya go.

Four places I go over and over again:

  1. Starbucks
  2. Emma/Lexi’s Schools
  3. Chick fil a/McDonald’s/Taco Bell
  4. Wal-Mart

Four people who mail me regularly:

  1. Dwight
  2. Carolyn
  3. Victoria’s Secret
  4. MyPoints BonusMail

People, please email me!

Four of my favorite places to eat, (apart from home)

  1. Longhorn’s
  2. Moe’s
  3. The Melting Pot
  4. Starbucks (that counts right?)

Four places I’d rather be now:

  1. Somewhere getting a massage
  2. Isle Esme with Edward Cullen and/or Rob Pattinson (that’s for my Twilight readers)
  3. On a beach somewhere.  Warm but not hot.  Somehow able to keep the sand off.  And the dangerous animals out of the water.
  4. Sitting by a fire in a big house in the mountains with snow outside.  With Starbucks.  And maybe Flo’s Filet from Longhorn’s.  Yeah, that’d be good.

Four favorite TV shows:

  1. One Tree Hill
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. The Office

Four movies I could watch over and over again:

  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. You’ve Got Mail
  3. Grease
  4. Twilight

Seems only right to tag four people

  1. Melissa
  2. Heather
  3. Julie
  4. Mama Belle

Yeah, thanks

I can appreciate a beautiful woman.  It (generally) doesn’t bother me when Scott looks at another woman and I’ve been known to point one out to a man around me.  So I’m scrolling through my Google Reader tonight and see this picture of Eva Longoria.  I poke Scott in the ribs and say, “Here ya go.”  I mean, who can’t appreciate a little Eva?

So he continues to watch as I scroll down to the next post and he then pokes me in the ribs and says, “There ya go.”  And this is the picture with the post:

And that’s what I get for trying to be a nice wife.  So overrated.

Christmas 2008 Continued

This weekend has gone WAY too fast.  I can not believe it is already Sunday night.

Yesterday we had lunch over at my dad’s sister’s.  There was one new engagement and two new puppies there.  Otherwise, it was pretty status quo…dinner, presents and wait, we did play a Dirty Santa game.  We’re not really the game playing kind of family but we had A LOT  of fun.  Here is one cute picture of Emma, Lexi and my cousin “getting Nana comfortable”.


When we got done there we were supposed to catch the tail end of a family reunion but only caught my aunt and my mom’s cousin in the parking lot. I’ll have to tell a story from there in another post…

We spent the evening at my mom’s dad’s house. It was a nice time but nothing exceptionally blogworthy. There was a cute moment when Lexi was looking at all their Christmas cards that were taped on a door and I asked which ones she liked and she said “All the ones with Jesus”. Both kids have been fascinated with the nativity scene this year.

Today was spent at my mom’s sister’s house. It was at least an hour drive and we spent all afternoon there. We made a stop at my cousin’s house on the way back but it was basically an all-day event. One thing interesting there was that Emma and Lexi spent almost the entire afternoon playing “war” with my two boy cousins that are near their ages. This was probably the first time all the kids went outside for so long without constant supervision and were perfectly happy that way. My aunt lives on five acres of land and we were out in the middle of nowhere. The kids played near the house and seemed content to play with two guns my boy cousins had and the rocks on the ground. They were cold and dirty when they came in but we had to drag them away. Definitely not what I’m used to at home.

My aunt also has an old building on their land which belongs to her husband’s family. I think they said the building was the second largest John Deere retailer several years back. Now it just looks like a rundown concrete building with barn doors but I knew it would make for some great photos. I dragged (drug?) Scott out of the house and round up the kids for a few pictures. I just wish we had more time and it hadn’t been so cold. Emma and my cousin took some of these so I’m happy they came out as well as they did.