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Posting to Your Blog When You Can’t Get To Your Blog

So for whatever reason you can’t get to your blog (or Twitter or Facebook).  Yourworkhasprobablyblockedit#ahem.  But don’t worry!  You CAN still post to it…even on your cell phone! to the rescue!  My site is pictured below.  As you can see, it looks like a very simple blog.  And if you’re really paying attention, you’ve seen that post on here already.  So why do you need another blog to post to your real blog?  Well, is an online blog BUT with a lot of bells and whistles so yes, your content may be duplicated in some cases, but that’s ok!  No one even needs to know you’re posting from posterous!  Let’s see how this works!



Click in to see!

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Sunday Highlights: Grow: Providential Relationships

Luke 1:1-4 describes several critical relationships

1 – Relationship with Jesus

We know it’s critical but is it really or are we playing church?

You don’t need to be something you just need to be passionate.  We aren’t moving forward because of lack of knowledge or position but lack of passion.  We all have something we are invested in (couponing, baseball, video games).   We need to be that passionate about growing in Christ.

2 – Relationship with mentor or coach

You need someone ahead of you to pull you along.  Luke had Paul.  He saw what he was doing.

Pursue someone.  It’s not just going to happen.

3 – Relationship with a weaker brother

Luke takes the time to pull Theophilus forward.

If you have a transformation story, care enough for others to share it.

Are you leveraging everything for others to know Jesus or just you?

Lexi’s Preschool Graduation

IMG_1215 Nearly three years ago we sent little Lexi off to preschool without a hitch.  It hasn’t been without its drama.  I mean, COME ON, days with bad snacks and no playground time is grounds for timeout for a preschool.  But she made it through.  In fact, she sailed through with flying colors.  Lexi loves preschool and loves, loves, loves her friends.  She is constantly wanting to call one of them and is setting up plays and playdates for them all.  I have been so thankful for amazingIMG_1204 teachers for Lexi and it’s just a wonderful program.  Today Lexi graduated and barring anymore children, it was our last day with them. 

Lexi was very serious about singing What a Mighty God We Serve and I Am a Promise and the few songs they did with hand bells.  She gets serious about the hand bells.  She was so cute tapping her foot and a scrunching her forehead trying to get it just so.

As expected, I got a little teary at “I’m a Promise”. I dare any of you to watch your child sing that and not get weepy.  Overall, I held up better than I did with Emma.   Then again, that’s not saying much.  It’s not that I was any less sad to leave or less proud of her.  In fact, I was probably more sad since that is the last time we will go there.  Such a great preschool program.  I couldn’t ask for any better.  I guess it’s just that Lexi is so excited to go to “big school” so it’s a little easier to let go.

Also as expected, since Lexi proclaimed this morning that she got to do whatever she wanted since it was her graduation day, we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home.  Man, I’m gonna miss my little Lexi begging me to go to McDonald’s on the way home from preschool.  And her concentrated look at the window driving down the Interstate.  And the way she crosses her legs when she’s sated.  And my little buddy that goes with me to the bank and post office and grocery store.  But onwards and upwards.  It’s about her not me.  So congratulations, Lexi. I can’t wait to walk you into “big school”!


iPhone Progress


Sometimes I feel like my iPhone drama could have its own blog. 

Since my 3G phone died Saturday I’ve sent it off to  They came recommended by through Kaitlin and I feel confident it is in good hands.  They will be replacing the screen, replacing the battery and possibly the vibrating mechanism.  I believe I can get my money back out of it once I get iPhone 4 as it’s not cheap to fix it.  Thankfully a lot of people on eBay want iPhones.  I just hope the demand doesn’t change in the next month. 

So yesterday the 1st gen replacement came in from Jason.  I’m not going to admit to breaking into a full out run to my mailbox when I thought it arrived via USPS only to remember he sent it UPS and then meeting the UPS guy halfway through the yard to relieve him of the delivered package.  I mean, only a pathetic iPhone addict would do that.  So after calmly retrieving the package from the porch where it had been sitting for hours *ahem*, I put my card in and began activating and restoring my phone.  Five hours later I went to bed after watching it say it had 2 hours left for 3 of those 5 hours.  This morning I woke up to the above progress scan.  I *think* it has added one more bar through the morning. 

So there we have it.  One 1st gen here restoring as slow as Christmas and my 3G is in California.  And all patiently waiting for iPhone 4.  Less than a month!

American Idol: Finale

I can’t even go song by song on this.  Crystal blew Lee out of the water.  Which kind of stinks because I was really pulling for Lee coming in to tonight.  Dialidol is showing Lee way ahead though so what do I know?  I love Lee and I’ll be happy if he wins but Crystal deserves this.  She’s been consistent and out front the entire time.  Lee has had his moments and I’d buy Lee’s album way before Crystal’s but I really think she outperformed Lee tonight and overall.