Top Ten Tuesday: Mommy and Wifey Reminders

Oh, I had written these as a regular post but it’s pretty perfect for Top Ten Tuesday…

Scott and I spent some time with a new friend tonight.  She’s older and wiser and we talked a lot about parenting and marriage.  Came away with the reminder that the basic stuff still matters and works.  I made a list for myself as a reminder and thought I’d share.

  • Be up before or with the kids
  • Fix 3 healthy meals
  • Give your child your full attention, especially when he/she is asking for it
  • Give one-on-one attention to each child
  • Don’t send your kids off to an activity at every chance
  • Have their playthings organized
  • Make them clean up their messes
  • Don’t back down when your kids buck your authority
  • Don’t let the kids play you and your spouse against each other
  • Money doesn’t make a difference whether you are a successful parent

OK, so that’s ten but I haven’t even gotten to the marriage part!

  • Don’t emasculate your husband
  • Don’t emotionally detach from your husband
  • Husbands, lead your family and fight for your wife and kids
  • The health of your marriage is a choice, one that both parties make
  • Don’t give up

As you can see, a lot of these are quite convicting.  It’s easy to say, oh yeah, of course I do that but I know I fail a lot.  But the little stuff matters.  It really, really matters.  To those mommys and wifeys out there doing even some of these, give yourself a pat on the back!  You’re doing your job well!

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  1. Love both your lists, each for different reasons, but equally as much.

  2. thx, Poppy

  3. Great great stuff. That clean up their own messes speaks to me on so many levels, really! *sigh* Parenting is hard.

  4. Great points! Especially the parenting ones. I'm messing many of those up daily. Thanks for the reminders!

  5. Great lists… one thing on here reminded me of my new favorite song by Sanctus Real called "Lead Me". If you haven't heard it definitely go listen to it!


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