IKEA Wish List

I got the new IKEA catalog on Saturday and dog-eared a few pages and thought I’d share.

First, off, they had this green page with lots of green tips and these just made my day.

Did you know…2010-08-09_1650

I guess I should have figured that one out but you know, I didn’t.  I’m hoping since it was on this page others haven’t either!

Or did you know…


You have no idea how relieved I am.  See, I’ve been doing my part to be green and didn’t even know it!

Now onto the good stuff!

This picture below makes me want to paint my office gray.  Really, really bad.


This makes me want to paint my bedroom gray


This picture makes me want to nail old wood to my bathroom wall and buy all new bathroom accessories.  Doesn’t that picture make you feel like there’s a masseuse just around the corner?


I want to hang this lighting fixture in my new gray office


And this next one.  Remember my yellow cabinet I bought during our little redesign last year?  Well that now have it in RED!  Gah, someone make me some room in my house for it STAT!




I never thought I’d say this but this makes me want to cover a room in particle board.


And this makes me want to redo my wall collage


OK, enough!  What’s on your IKEA wish list?


  1. Jane Anne says:

    I don't have an IKEA wish list… but your post makes me want to redecorate!

  2. LOVE that light fixture! I like the gray color in the office…it almost has a slight bluish tint, at least it looks that way to me…

  3. I'm going Wednesday, and I hope my catalog comes before I get there!!! I love that firework-looking light fixture. I might have to try that in my craft room!

  4. bennettaj says:

    It'd be great in a craft room!

  5. bennettaj says:

    isn't it fun? I hope it looks as good in person!

  6. bennettaj says:

    I know…I always want to redecorate when I look at stuff like this.

  7. melissaoyler says:

    I love IKEA! I have looked at that flower light many times and I'm disappointed it's made of paper … dusting that thing would be a nightmare. I'm about to decorate my bedroom in black and white … I can't wait! Your post makes me want to get on that!

  8. bennettaj says:

    paper? oh bummer :( I was hoping it was metal.

  9. I'm in love with IKEA too. I picked up the catalog the other day and am excited to sit down (someday) and thumb through it. Our home is 50% IKEA.