Movie Review: Tangled


Here’s the short version: GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

I felt like the movie deserved a review since I lambasted Princess and the Frog for all the eeevil.  Tangled deserves a review for how GOOD it was.  I would definitely put this up there with my favorites, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.  I’m not sure I’m ready to call it my favorite but, yes, this one I can get behind.  What I loved:

  • Flynn.  Ah, Flynn.  Flynn is voiced by Zachary Levi, better known as NBC’s Chuck.  It is a show that is quickly becoming a favorite as I work through the DVD’s.  He is a crazy talented guy.  Actor, singer, comedian and Christian to boot.  Having him voice Flynn added a layer that my kids couldn’t appreciate but my Chuck friends and I couldn’t ignore.  Flynn was over the top full of himself, clever, caring and funny.  And his character shifted from fully self-focused thief to caring prince.  LOVE when characters can grow, even in an animated movie. 
  • The faux-dog horse was a fantastic comedic element to the movie.  One that had Scott guffawing in the theater.  Trust me, that’s a big deal.  The scene between Flynn and the horse pushing each other on the bridge into town still makes me laugh when I think of it. 
  • I’m torn on this but I think I like that Flynn’s relationship with the horse was more touted than him and Rapunzel’s.  While I was always rooting for more Flynn and Flynn/Rapunzel, I think it was more appropriate for the kids this way.  The romance was there but it wasn’t over the top.  I thought it was pretty smart and amusing of Disney to be self-aware that it was a fairytale and ending by saying we lived happily ever after. 
  • Rapunzel was a wonderful princess.  I loved how innocent, caring and selfless she was.  She was respectful to her mother (even though she didn’t deserve it) and was willing to lay down her life for Flynn.  She was creative and talented.  And yet, she did disobey her mother.  BUT I loved how torn she was about it (one of the best scenes) and how much trouble she got into because of that decision.  Also, through that she was able to uncover her mother’s true identity and follow her heart to her parents.  She also grew, out of innocence and naivity, opening her eyes to the truth and sticking up for herself. 
  • The chameleon was also very funny but also supportive of Rapunzel as her only friend.  He reminded me of the Meeko and Flit in Pocohantas.
  • So there was evil and magic in this movie.  So what’s the difference?  The mother was selfish, greedy, worried about her looks and kidnapped Rapunzel.  All which was looked down upon and eventually led to her death.  These are real struggles that I’m happy to talk to my kids about.  Very appropriate for little princesses.  The only scene that seemed to bother Lexi was when the mother died.  She said it was sad.  And it’s true, no matter anyone’s condition it is sad to see them die.  But in the context of the movie, I can say, yes, but that’s where all her bad decisions led her.  Also, I liked that Rapunzel’s magical hair was used for healing and not evil.

Overall, even though this was an old story, the storyline felt new and unique and special.  Great pacing and turns in the movie.  Action-packed and yet full of heart and comedy. 

Have you seen it yet?  What’d you think?


  1. I loved it too!

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  2. Good for boys too? I keep seeing this on facebook, but it seems it’s my friends with daughters.
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