The Bachelor – Week One

OK, we all know I love The Bachelor but gave it up last season and I didn’t watch it last night.  Well, I did.  For about 3 minutes.  And I couldn’t stand the catty women fighting over Brad so I turned it off.  But I kept an eye on some tweets and several mentioned Emily as a frontrunner.  I decided to look her up and turns out she’s from Charlotte!  And not only that, she’s the wife of the late Ricky Hendrick.  Which people, no disrespect, but that’s huge.  Charlotte is called the Queen city and the Hendricks are part of that royalty.  NASCAR royalty to be exact.  Car dealership royalty.  Their name is all over the place.  So I had to look up her scenes and ya’ll, I might have to watch The Bachelor this year.  I’m just not sure Brad is good enough for our Southern royalty though!

I loved her!  She’s sweet and sincere, calm, poised and beautiful.  And Brad was falling all over himself with her!

Did you watch?  If so, do you think Emily is a frontrunner?

PS I think that was Central Church of God where I went to church during middle/high school!


  1. I don’t watch the Bachelor at all but I watched this clip and I saw Central and the park she was at is Freedom Park in Charlotte! lol
    I think you are right…she might be too good for this guy!
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  2. I don’t know if my addition made it in in time but yes, I caught Central right away but missed Freedom Park!

  3. I totally loved Emily. She is definitely the most normal of the bunch. I mean…there was a woman there with fangs and one that waxed. the. guy’s. hand. Waxed it!

    And one woman who made him come to the limo and open the door for her. I’m sorry, but if you’re on a reality dating show…you can’t play the I’m-just-an-old-fashioned-kind-of-girl card.

    So, Emily is certainly my pick. :)

  4. Yes, I like her. He kept going on and on about how sweet she was. When they showed her back story, it just broke my heart.
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  5. I like her too. I also like the girl that’s from NC originally but living in New York. She was one of the first ones not to berate him about his past. Brad seemed to like Emily *a lot* at first but then she kinda fell into the mix with the other girls – I’m sure she’ll get more attention in future episodes, but it’s hard to call her a front runner *yet* IMO. She does seem very sweet and kind – and it could be an interesting match, as if they are both getting their second chance of sorts.

  6. Yes, I secretly watched last night…and so did David…but don’t tell. She is most definitely waaay to nice for him. I was like “Oh, I hope she wins, but really I hope she doesn’t because she should really marry someone of much better character than Brad.” The Rockette was quite impressive with her moves as well and David’s impersonation was hysterical.
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  7. When they first showed her back story I fell in love with how sweet she was. Then I put two and two together when she started talking about racing, Ricky, and the plane crash, and loved her even more. I looked at my mother in law and said “I want them to fall in love!” I also like the southern nanny living in New York, but there are some strange girls in the mix. I can’t wait till next week.
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