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Culmination Week

Wow, so many things happening this week.  I feel like I’m getting bowled over with everything.  Nothing fancy today, just some updates.

#1 – I want to blog more about this since I haven’t mentioned it but I just finished up 10 days of a Daniel Fast this weekend.  I did it for both spiritual and physical reasons. I’ve never done a fast quite like this and let me tell you, it has been amazing in so many ways.

#2 – This week I finish reading the Bible in 90 Days.  I’ve loved it just as much as the first time. I can not recommend it enough.

#3 – I GOT THE JOB.  It took forever to get approvals but I got the offer on my job this morning and pending drug tests, fingerprinting, etc I should be working full time by the end of the month.  There are going to be changes around here.  And no, I’m not sure all for the better.  Definitely some sacrifices.  However, lots of wins too.  Yay!

#4 – We found out this morning we have our closing for our financing on the addition on Thursday.  Hoping to break ground next week!

Wow, those are huge!  All happening in the same week!  Crazy right?  I mean, this job thing has been in the works for 8 months, we’ve been holding out on the house for weeks and now it’s all happening within days of each other!

In other random news, Emma caught a stomach bug so she is home with me today.  We’re a little tired from being up so much and I think that is adding to what feels like the craziness going on today.

Hope you’re having a great Monday!

American Idol Top 24


Wow, what a season.  I remember in other season getting to the Top 12 even and saying we could slash it down to Top 5 easy.  All of this Top 24 is better than most of the Top 12 in other seasons. But if I could pick a Top 10 right now, this would be it.  And it’s more based on who I think will do well in the competition versus whose flat out talent I prefer.  There is NO WAY to pick an early winner.  With as many changes they go through throughout the season, I just don’t think anyone could call that.  But what a season it will be!

Homemade Hummus

Photo Feb 24, 12 37 18 PM


Who knew making hummus was so easy?  I guess I didn’t.  And with an ingredient like Tahini, it scared me off a bit!  I had NO CLUE what it was and in fact, when I was at the store this morning I had to Google a picture just so I would have a clue where to look.  When I read it was ground sesame seeds, I headed for the spice/baking aisle.  No dice.  A clerk pointed me to where they have the almond butter and Nutella with the peanut butter.  And ouch, at $8.95 for a bottle, I was really doubting whether it would be worth it.

I picked out this recipe from The Barefoot Contessa.  As the comments suggest, it’s strong on the garlic, but it’s just what I love.  I haven’t done a side by side cost comparison but I’m guessing it’s a pretty big savings as you could actually get 8 batches from the one jar of Tahini.  And there are NO chemicals in this one!  It made quite a bit and with a few carrot sticks, it made for a nice snack or even quick lunch.

I’m looking forward to trying different spices.  Have you ever made hummus?  Have any recipes I should try?

The Appraisal


Sooo…the appraiser turned around the appraisal in a few short hours yesterday.  The bank called last night with some bad news.  Not devastating but bad.  The house appraised about 18K short of what they were expecting and they can only lend us 11K below what we requested.  They will give us what they can and anything over that will have to be covered out of pocket.  Now.  Thank goodness for our emergency fund and savings and we have some cash available but we don’t want to spend that much.  The good news is we know we can get some materials at a lower cost and Scott can do some of the work.  We think we’ll be close but yeah, we’re going to be on a tight budget for the whole ride.  I had hoped to sail through without a worry but thinking about it, I think it’s good that it’s going to force us to be wise with our money.  We all know I like a good deal so I’m going to have to do some serious deal hunting without sacrificing the plans since that’s what got the appraisal even where it is.  Which means…we’re getting the fireplace.  So excited about that!

So next steps are to order the title search and then close, probably next week!  Eek!

North Rock Hill Church – The 5 Before

Sooo…it’s clear it’d be better if I memorized the lines so I wouldn’t read and could smile a little more since I wasn’t concentrating.  But overall, first time ever doing something like this? I’m happy.  Yay for new things!