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Carpet and Cabinet

Today we got carpet!  And since Scott was home you know he couldn’t just sit around…all the furniture got moved stat!  This is no final reveal but we sure are looking at a bedroom now!

DSC01485 DSC01486 DSC01487 DSC01488

Did you catch he hung the chandelier last night?  Yes, that was #3 in my blog post!


The girls got home and were stunned.  They took turns doing a happy dance (and run) and pretending to sleep on the carpet.  The carpet is SO SOFT. I love it so much.  The girls kept saying it looked like a hotel room and indeed, I hope that’s what we end up with!

DSC01489 DSC01490

And another near miracle, we got part of our cabinet installed today.  This cabinet has been the biggest pain.  The guy that did it is one of the worst communicators I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  We called at least 4 times over a 5 day span about the install date with NO return call.  My mom finally stopped in one day when she was going by and found out it wasn’t ready AND he was going to use the WRONG stain.  It took 48 hours for him to produce a sample, on the same day he said he would install it on, in the mean time ignoring at least 3 cell phone calls. All this time I’m having to push back our template appointment with the countertop.  Finally today he shows up, 2 hours after the last time he said he would show up and only brings the base because the doors and drawers won’t be ready until next week.  Holy cow.  I don’t even want to give his name.  But of course the guy makes up for his lack of communication skills with his woodworking skills.  I suppose that and his price make up for it.  I can already tell I am going to be in LOVE with this cabinet.

DSC01494 DSC01495

I think we are nearly done with everything. Everything that was on the list this week is done!  We’re just waiting on the last bit of the tile to come in so he can finish the shower and backsplash (after the countertop is set next Friday) and measure for the shower doors and mirror.  Oh and I need to decide on some lighting in the bathroom and closet.  Oh!  Which reminds me…you can see the carpet got installed in the closet there to the left in that last picture.  Which really reminds me, what really will be next is figuring out the configuration of the closet and then moving that stuff over so the girls can get into our room!  Whew!

In the meantime, I will be having my first night in the room tonight.  Too bad we don’t have A/C (which reminds me, that’s on the list for next week too) because I’m not about to turn that fireplace on!

Toilet and Hardwood Fireplace

As I thought he might, Scott hooked up our toilet.  The girls thought it was HILARIOUS when I used it the first time.  I’m not sure why, but they were just giggling.  I think partly because the window was open above my head.


And if you remember this is the fireplace I said I wanted in this post.


Photo Jan 31, 1 56 41 PM




Oh my, oh my!  I can not wait!  Did I mention I got that fireplace for $75??

American Idol Top 6


Jac0b – There’s not much about that that I enjoyed.  I wish Simon were around because I think he’d say it was a mess.

Lauren – I wasn’t a big fan of that song but I loved those high(er) notes she was busting out.  More!  Give us more, Lauren!  And can we all just remember she is only 16?  It’s so crazy.

Haley and Casey – Brilliant.  I’m shocking myself to say again that I enjoyed Haley on this.

Scotty – I disagree with what they did with Scotty on this song and I disagree with the judges.  Instead of stepping it up I think it sounded like he was holding back.  Even physically I kept wanting him to stand! up!  I’m no professional singer but I just did not hear what they heard.  I mean, it was good singing but not my favorite.  What’s wrong with his baritone voice?  That’s what we love.  A few weeks ago I though Scotty had this competition but the way James has been coming out and Scotty holding back, I don’t know.

James – Now, THAT beginning was holding back but making it more.  So gorgeous, I was hanging on every single note.  And that last few notes? Holy cow.  It made me laugh and clap.  He actually reminded me of Jon Bon Jovi tonight.  That rocker singing a love song.  That needs to be recorded and put in some movie.

Lauren and Scotty – I love these two.  They need to make a Garth and Trisha or Tim and Faith move and just get hitched.  Maybe not my favorite song ever but I loved hearing their country voices together.

Casey – I was glued to Casey just to see what he was going to do.  So entertaining.  Am I going to rush to download that?  No. Should it on the radio?  I doubt it.  But it does play well to the American Idol stage and that was FUN to watch and he sounded great.

Haley – OK so I’m not on the Haley train but I think after last week and this week I’m not begging Haley to get voted off.  I thought she did great and thought her voice was perfect for it.

James and Jac0b – I totally wanted to throw a T-birds jacket on James and have him take off and rock it out.  I don’t think Jac0b added too much to it.

Favorites: James, James and James

In trouble: Jac0b

Hardwood Hallways










Missing Carpet, Finished Tile and Inaugural Lighting

A few small updates today. 

First, Scott took up the carpet and part of the hardwood from the entry way


Second, Scott hooked up the lights and got bulbs!  Really exciting to turn those on.  Lots of clapping and high fives!


And finally, he finished the tile!  Here are some pictures with all the pot lights on (still no chandelier and all the vanity lighting)



And a picture with just the shower lighting



I know it’s hard to appreciate with all the dust, but we’re getting there!

Upcoming items:

  • Grout the tile
  • Another coat of bathroom paint
  • Hardwoods in the hallway
  • Cabinet is getting set on Wednesday
  • Template for countertop on Thursday
  • Bedroom and closet carpet on Friday
  • And as a bonus, I’m going to guess Scott might hook up the toilet after the grouting is done.

Whew!  What a week!