Five Minute Friday: Still


Still. Be still and know that I am God. I can not help but think of that verse. How many times has that proven to be true? Only when I have submitted to the stillness have I heard the voice of God, known that He IS God. I lie face down on the soft carpet of my closet, temporarily my prayer closet, tears wetting the threads. How I yearn to know Him, know what He wants and desires. I have tried in my busyness to know Him. Lord, help me be patient. Lord, shut my mouth. Show me your compassion. Lord, what do I do. When do I go, when do I stop? My soul searches for his words, any word to know him. But it is not until I lay low in the carpet and be still that I hear him. Child, I am here. You can hear me now in your stillness. Be still and know that I am God.
One would think the default is to be still and it would take effort to actually do something. But it is in our nature to go, to move, to speak, to run, to do. Always going and never still. In an ironic twist, it takes effort to be still. Our way to know him is a conscious choice. And he wants us to choose him so badly. Stop and listen. Be still and know.


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Author’s note: I feel the need to add that God does speak at all times, not just in my stillness. I don’t mean to say you have to lock yourself in a closet to hear from him. But the times I do make myself still that way, I always know he is God and those were the times I was remembering while writing.


  1. Such true words. Something that I struggle with too, the ability to stop be still and listen.

  2. Funny, my closet is the spot I go to and lie face down on the floor too. Good post.
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