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I asked a burning question today on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter - @amyjbennett- This is a tough one- if yo ...

And this is what I love.  First, we needed clarification on the TYPE of favorite verse.

If you could read,...


After I clarified that I was looking for those that speak to us personally, many had trouble finding just one verse!




If you could read2,... 


And even those that picked just one had answers that were far and wide:

If you could read6,... If you could read3,... If you could read4,... If you could read5,...

TweetDeck5 TweetDeck4

Just reading through those gets me so pumped!  God’s word is alive and is doing a work within each of us. 

Do not be afraid.”  What if that smidgeon of Joshua 1:9 is all I had from His Word?  It would be enough to sustain me through so many trials. 

What if all I had was “Be still and know that I am God.”  It would be enough to get me through the most confusing moments. 

What if all I had was “now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness.”  It would be enough to make all the hard times worth it!

And this is what we need to get.  There is SO MUCH POWER in just ONE VERSE.  One PHRASE of ONE VERSE.  We have them ALL available to us.  We are so rich and yet. And yet!  There are 340 MILLION people that can not read one WORD of it, much less one verse. 

One-third of the world’s language groups speak a language which the Bible has not been translated into. 

There is no hope, no comfort, no encouragement, no reminder that He is God, that He is with us, that He is in control, that there is a reward, that He loves us, that we should love others.  Yes, God shows Himself in many ways but oh how He speaks through His word.  For those 340 million people, my heart is broken. 

But OneVerse gives me hope.

Support Bible Translation - Become a OneVerse Partner Today


OneVerse works with local translators to get God’s word translated into their language.  A sponsorship amount of $26 provides enough resources to get one verse translated.  Only $26 would be enough to give an entire people group your favorite verse.  Look, I know that our money goes into a big bucket and funds an entire translation but it’s so important.  We DO have the solution to this problem.  By being a part of this, we give some of those 340 million people an opportunity to read the Bible and find their verse.  

If you can and feel led, please hop over to their site.  You get to pick the region and language of the translation you help sponsor.  It literally takes seconds to fill out the form.  Give a verse or a lot of verses. 

If you can’t give, do me a favor and go read His Word.  Pick out a verse or a lot of verses.  Memorize them.  Use them.  Find comfort in them.  But most of all, thank God for them.


Romans 15-4; ephesians 6-17; hebrews 4-12 NIV - For everything that was written in the - Bible Gateway  

*This post was written in part as a submission to a Relevant Ticket Contest. I was not compensated in any way for writing the post but as a result may be chosen to receive a free Relevant Conference ticket.  In any case, I love what OneVerse is doing and am glad to help spread the word!


  1. LOVE. IT. Definitely a charity I want to get involved with!!! :-)

  2. Amy, I loved seeing the conversations! Thanks so much for sharing about OneVerse. And truly, thank you for the reminder to thank God for each verse.

    Johanna, and for the team at OneVerse