Jewelry Holder

Since the addition, Scott has been taking a nice long break from any larger projects around here.  I don’t blame him; he put in a lot of hours.  But this weekend it was time and I wrote Scott a honey-do list.   We knocked a few things off, even a few that weren’t on the list like clearing out his garage that was a T-total disaster since the addition. 

My favorite project from the weekend though was my jewelry holder to finish off our new closet.  And what I love most about it is it was less than $5 for us.  We already had an 8’ piece of wood and the stain.  So it was just up to me to buy the eye hooks and two pieces of metal rod.  After I stained it the same as my shoe rack, I simply lined up several rows of eye hooks, alternating its placement between rows.  I left the first few rows for necklaces, 3 rows in the middle to put a bar to hang my earrings and finally a last row of hooks for my scarves, belts and smaller purses.

So here it is on the wall after Scott attached it with a few screws.


You can see how I placed the eye hooks here.  I’m happy with the horizontal spacing but to be honest, I really should have increased the vertical spacing between each row.  I did 6” vertically and 1.5” horizontally.  For the earring section, I did 3”.


Lexi loves jewelry and helped me sort it out and hang a few things.  OK, for real, she hung up two necklaces and then skedaddled.


Here it is completed:


The necklaces on top:


I even hung matching rings on the same hook.


Rings and bracelets were hung from the last row in the necklace section:


Here is the earrings section.  Again, 3” was not long enough for some of my earrings.  Who knew earrings could be so long?IMG_6080 






Now I have NO excuse not to wear jewelry!


And finally, I have a small collection of jewelry that I just don’t see me wearing, some of it still with tags on.  If you see something of interest, let me know and I can text/email you a clear picture and drop it in the mail for you.  I just couldn’t seem to make myself trash it!


From left – two HUGE hoop silver earrings, a black/silver bracelet, silver necklace with black rectangle pendant, silver and blue necklace, white/silver multi-chain necklace, a set of gold/amber necklace, bracelet and earrings; black/gold/diamond earrings, small pearl necklace, silver bracelet, gold bracelet, silver bracelet, silver/teal bracelet, Easter bunny silver pendant, Noah’s ark pin, green Dragonfly pin, frog pin, silver anklet and small hoop earrings.


  1. I’m in love with this! It’s the perfct way to use that little area of space and you’ll feel like you’re in a cutesy boutique when you get ready in the morning.

  2. I’m telling you, it’s ridiculous how much I love sliding the earrings back and forth on that rack. Feels so FANCY 😉

  3. Diana weimer says:

    That looks fabulous!!! I think I may need to copy that! You know how I have that exact amount of space right inside my closet? I need some new jewelry too. Does anything look like what I might wear? Mom

  4. Love it! I’m going to show this to my mom…she’s got a huge closet this would be perfect for!

  5. Oh my gosh….this is wonderful. And I get the “belt” a little more. You are the accessory queen and look at the shoes. I used to be so like this but that was before kiddos and simplifying. Some days I wish I had all my shoes again!!! Great idea girl. You can send any jewelry our way. We love it…me and my dd!!! Have a blessed day.

    • Thanks, Karen. Yes, I admit I love accessories but honestly, rarely remember to actually wear them. I hope this helps me!

  6. LOVE this!!!

  7. Amy,

    I buy jewelry from rummage sales and thrift stores and use it around Christmas time so that the kids at my church can “buy” their moms or other loved ones Christmas presents. Instead of money, I make sure they do one good deed for someone else.

    Could we work something out for the jewelry that no one else wants?


  8. You could always take some down to Goodwill!

  9. Hey Amy, I have a friend who dragonflies are very meaningful to. I’d love that pin if still available.