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Weekend Recap

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 We ended up having a very full weekend.  Saturday started off with a bang at the Renaissance Festival to celebrate my niece’s birthday.  The last time we went I think I might have been a little shell-shocked.  The Renaissance Festival is serious stuff!  This year we went early and didn’t deal with the hours of traffic and crowds.  The kids were in a great mood and were happy to sit to watch many of the different shows.  We saw some poetry reading, Celtic musicians, jousting and even some belly dancing.  There favorite by far though was meeting Twig the Fairy.  She was the cutest fairy that put a rock and fairy dust in their hands upon meeting them.  She didn’t speak but giggle, smiled and did some sign language to say thank you.  I haven’t figured out yet why she didn’t speak (fairies don’t speak? perhaps she’s deaf?  saving her voice during festivals?) but her enthusiasm communicated everything.   If you go, be sure to try the soup in bread bowls.  We snacked on that during the jousting and it was the perfect lunch.

That evening we had dinner and cake to celebrate my niece’s birthday.  By Saturday evening I was pooped!  We did manage to get a round of Monopoly in and I have to say, the new electronic version using cards and the machine is pretty fun.  All the swiping helps fill my need to run registers at Target.


 Sunday’s theme was fall festivals!  After church and lunch we went to my mom’s.  But not before we had costume drama.  About two months ago I bought both of them genie costumes at the consignment sale and made a grave mistake by letting them play with them in the meantime.  Emma’s costume is completely missing.  Not to be found anywhere.  And since it was so cold, I had Lexi wear tights under her costume.  Lexi and tights and layers don’t get along well.  We eventually had to bag the genie outfit.  They both ended up wearing dance outfits a family friend had given them and named themselves fairies.  

My favorite part about the first fall festival was all of us playing a round of Bingo in one of the rooms.  They had it rigged somehow that we all won at one time.  It was hilarious when we all screamed Bingo together and realized what had happened. 


Sunday evening we headed over to Scott’s parents’ church where we used to go.  The kids had fun seeing their friends, eating a bunch of food and playing games.  And it is always good for us to go back and talk to the members we miss seeing every week.

A very full weekend, indeed.  I hope yours went well and you have a good start to your week!

A Saturday Morning Hello

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A random adorable shoe

I don’t normally post on a Saturday morning but I wanted to say Hello.  My blog has been in the midst of switching hosts the last two days hence no posts.  Big props to Jason for helping me out.  He and his wife are the ones that took over OTHBlog from me and he’s been trying to convert my other sites for quite some time. 

For you bloggy, techy folks, I switched from a dedicated server on Surpass to Dreamhost VPS.  At peaks, the dedicated server would not hold up and it costs roughly 5 times as much as Dreamhost.  I hear it’s been working well for OTHBlog so we’re gonna see!  I think they have a Halloween special and you can get an entire year’s worth of hosting for $9.24.  No affiliate link there, just a friendly FYI.  Not that affiliate links aren’t friendly, but you know.

It’s probably been a good two days not to post as we were super busy with no time to post.  Thursday night we had some family pictures made to use on the Christmas card.  Oh, and speaking of, since the blog was down, I emailed the winners from the giveaway.  Congrats again to Jo Ann, Liz and Nichole!  After our photo session, we went to Beef and Brady’s to eat with my parents and then went home to quickly do homework and hit the hay.

Last night the girls and I had errands to run and ended up at Target.  The girls are coming up on their birthdays quickly and had gotten some gift cards to Target as gifts so of course they couldn’t wait to go spend it.  Since I’ve been cracking down on the toy-buying around here and they have to use chore money, buying just any toy they wanted was a huge deal.  And it was quite interesting watching them work out the math.  Emma, who had been begging me for colored dry erase markers saw they were $10 and said she didn’t want to spend her money.  I asked her why, if she was just begging me to buy them she wouldn’t buy them and she said, yeah, but that was your money.  Aha!  Lexi put down a toy that would have cost all her money and chose 3 smaller ones.  We still ended up with Squinkies in the house but at least it seems they are finally figuring out the value of money.

Today we are supposed to go to the Renaissance Festival.  It’s rainy and cold here though so I’m not sure if it’s going to happen.  I guess we’ll see and I’ll report in my Weekend Recap on Monday.  See you then!

A Commuting Thank You

Just a quick thank you from the road. Yes I was safe, no worries! I’m posting this much later!

Introducing Entangled

I have so many things I want to tell you about writing this eBook.  And I suspect, in time, I will.  But for now, I think the cover will speak volumes as an introduction and hopefully excite you about reading these chapters of my life that I’ve never fully divulged on Permission to Peruse, or otherwise.  So without delay, here is the cover of my eBook:

 Entangled 01 - scripty font red

Thank you to my friend, Melissa, for the design

Hopefully that communicates a lot about the direction of the book and doesn’t stun you too much. I am both terrified and ecstatic. God certainly led me to this point and I’m so excited to see what He’s up to. I’ve set the release date just a few short weeks away on Friday 11/11/11.

In the meantime, I would love it if you could go like the Facebook page so I can get an official URL.  While you’re there, I would love it if you shared the Facebook page with your friends.  If you’re on Twitter, be sure to use the hashtag #Entangled.  Lots more details to come in the next few weeks!

Weekend Recap

310910_10150430852201579_691346578_10384691_308804645_nLexi at her party on Saturday.  She said the cream was banana-scented. Cracks me up!

We enjoyed a very laid-back weekend.  The kids were out of school Friday so I worked from home and let them have a play date all day long.  It’s amazing how kids can busy themselves for hours together.  They had a fantastic time, although their bathroom and my closet were victims of the fun.  Friday night we went out to Ruby Tuesdays and all enjoyed the salad bar.  The kids were off to Scott’s parents for the night so you’d think Scott and I would have a great date night planned but no, these days we head straight to sleep.  I still can’t believe I’m always the first one up these days.

Saturday morning I was up early doing edits on my eBook (I’m showing the title, cover and release date tomorrow!!) and then I convinced Scott to go with me to finally meet and have coffee with Sarah Cunningham.  I read her book Picking Dandelions (go buy it!) a few months ago and connected to so much she was communicating.  I knew we’d get along and at least from my perspective, we did just that over the next two hours.  She was a great encouragement to me as an author, I enjoyed getting to know her a little more and it was great getting an update on One Thousand Premieres.  If you haven’t checked that out yet, please do so. They are planning to retell the story of David and Goliath in a modern way and I am so psyched about it.

After that, we were off to the mall so I could get some jeans I could actually fit.  Over the summer, yes, I let a few pounds creep on.  And honestly?  I’m not that motivated to work them off.  I was happy to find Express had their jeans on sale AND I had a coupon. 

Saturday afternoon Emma decided to stay over at Scott’s parents while Lexi went to a birthday party.  We were all back together by dinnertime so I made some Tilapia and we played Monopoly.

Sunday morning was the normal these days…church, CVS and lunch.  While Scott went on a bike ride and Emma stayed at Scott’s parents again, Lexi and I hung around the house (read: I worked on my book and she watched TV).  Last night again we stayed in.  We played Twister and Scott built a fire.  Somewhere in the mix, Emma and Lexi were playing on our hammock and I think some strings got tangled and pulled and Lexi lost a tooth.  Thankfully it was a baby tooth but oh the drama!  We never did find the tooth.  Last evening some friends came over to enjoy the fire that wouldn’t burn…all the wood was too green.  Scott improvised by burning some paper and it didn’t matter anyway, we were having a great time talking.

So that was our weekend.  I hope you had a great weekend and start to your week!