Happy 7th Birthday, Lexi!

She crawled in my bed at 6:00 this morning.  I told her Happy Birthday and she said I’m 7!  It’s a big girl number.  And 7 is God’s favorite number!  That girls makes me smile.  She’s like one big ball of joy.  Until she isn’t.  And she’s crying and near screaming over something little like not being able to cut a straight line. 

She lives on hugs and kisses.  She says her hobby is watching TV.   She adores animals, especially puppies.  She can’t get enough of Tucker’s ears, saying they’re the softest part.  She collects stuffed animals, much to her parents’ chagrin.  She’s obsessed with Barbies. She designs outfits and can’t get enough of her mother’s closet.  She always picks sequins and glitter.  Always.  She could eat McDonald’s every day.  Or Wheat Thins and cereal.  She still cuddles her white blankie at night.  She loves having her own money and is always sure how she’ll spend it.  She prefers clean scents but really is happy as long as it doesn’t smell bad.  She’d run around without a shirt and socks all the time if she could.  She loves her sister and would be lost without her companion.  She’s all girl but orange belt at Tae Kwan Do.  She likes order and rules.  She prefers to learn through song.

I’ve never met anyone like Lexi and I’m so glad I get to be her mom.

Did I mention she likes taking video of herself when no one is looking?  This one’s for you, Lexi, when you’re old with 4 kids and trying to film videos while the kids nap…


  1. LOL!!! PRICELESS! Mom (Grandma)

  2. Heather W. says:

    that’s hilarious. Rikki. ha! Can’t help but love that finger counting girl. Happy 7th Birthday Lexi!!!
    <3 Aunt Heather

  3. That’s our Lexi…one of a kind…precious…God’s gift…Happy 7th Birthday “Tater”

    Love You
    mawmaw Bessie

  4. Wow, what an imagination! I love that not only does she have the names picked out, she knows the birth-order too. where did she come up with the name Rikki? Too funny!

    Happy Birthday Lexi! Thank you for the smile you gave me today! <3

  5. I can’t play the video from here, but wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday!

  6. Haha! That video is precious. 4 kids? Wow, that girl is ambitious! Happiest of Birthdays to Lexi Rikki 😉

  7. Mandy Reilly says:

    I love the fact that she has the names from Good Luck charlie picked as her kids names too!