15 Random Thoughts to Catch You Up

Busy packing

Appreciative of Zicam for keeping my cold to a minimum

Grateful for the lady who retrieved my checkbook from a parking lot

Also to the JCPenney worker who recognized our street as her sister-in-law’s and called us right away

Beyond thrilled that eBay saved Christmas for my girls.  Remind me to give Deborah in West Virginia a big hug when we get to heaven.  I just know she’s an angel.

Overwhelmed with drama from my girls

Soul-satisfied with the maturity I’m starting to see in Emma

Proud of how she helped at a service project this weekend

Missing working from home full-time

Loving that presents are bought and wrapped

Jaded by social media

Wondering if we’ll ever find the right fabric for my bedroom

Frustrated at food

Annoyed that I couldn’t keep up with Truth in the Tinsel

Disappointed that my book hasn’t sold any books in a few weeks

Feeling the winter blues. 

And PMS.

We’ll return to the regularly scheduled program soon.


  1. Hi! I piggy backed over via Laura Parker’s blog. She is a friend from college.

    Your blog is sweet and interesting. :)

  2. I love how honest you are about everything going on! Praying for you during this season. Your one point of being “jaded by social media”, hits home a little. hmmm…

    • Becky, thanks. We’ve talked about how much Twitter (and all the linked info) can feel overwhelming. I think I just needed a break. And maybe to clean out my list a little.