Weekend Recap and Catch-up

How’s that for an SEO-friendly title?  I just know someone is googling for people’s weekend recaps.

So hi. 

I’m still here.  I still love blogging.  I love writing.  I love you.  If you’re still out there.  I guess you are if you’re reading this.  And if no one does, I suppose this is like me talking to myself in the middle of the woods.  It wouldn’t be the first time I talked to myself, so I may as well keep going.

The last two weeks have been hard emotionally for me.  Lexi has come unraveled a few times and it’s led to some glaring issues and things that need to change, a lot on my part.  I’m trying my best to spend as much quality time with them as I can.  I’m having to say no when I don’t really want to say no. I’m having to bite my tongue.  I’m having to pay attention.  Really pay attention.  In other words, it’s been taking a lot of my time and exhausting me a little.  But in the most wonderful ways.  This parenting gig is something I happily signed on for and while hard, the good is so good it’s worth it. 

In super duper good news, I’ve been working from home a lot more lately.  I’m SO thankful.  It’s such a huge answer to prayer and could not have had better timing.

We stayed in Friday and ate pizza and watched TV together.  Saturday I took the girls to the Nature Museum, Moe’s and the library.  For whatever reason they really latched on to the rocks and minerals at the museum and most of their books were on those.  Kids surprise you sometimes.  Lexi was scared to death of the big bears and elephant.  I embarrassed her when I started praying over her right in front of the monkey display.  We were all alone in the whole hall but she still said, “Stop, Mom, you’re embarrassing me.”  I think it was the first, but certainly not the last.  The library we went to after that has this wonderful spiral staircase.  My parents used to take me and my sister and I loved that thing.  We were climbing to the second floor and Emma was complaining about so many stairs but it was one of those moments of passing down a tradition that is part of what makes parenting so fun.  After that, we went grocery shopping and came home to wash laundry and have dinner.  Exciting times, I tell you!  I heard someone once say that the more bored the parent was, the happier the kids were.  I really think that’s true for my girls, at least.

Today we went to church, had lunch with Scott’s family, went shopping just the 3 of us, spent some time at my parents’ and then came home to an evening of leftovers and wrestling.  Church, shopping, family.  You know it’s a good day.  In fact, I might have to do a haul video on all the stuff I got at Old Navy.  I honestly don’t think I’ve bought myself anything outside of a few shirts for Christmas since the end of summer.  Today I didn’t spend more that $5 for a shirt and most of them were $3.50 so it was GOOD.

Beyond that I’ve been reading some good stuff on adoption (and getting scared to death) and eating better (and doing absolutely nothing about it) and watching Elevation’s revival services (and getting some wonderful words).

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. So glad you’re back!! I’ve missed your posts and I know many others have too!

    I think the one thing I miss about working on my Masters was studying in the library. UGA has some gorgeous ones. I miss the smells, quiet, all the books and feeling super smart 😉 I used to love it when my parents would take me to our public library. I still remember getting my own library card. I bet that was a fun outing for your girls!

    Everybody has been talking about Elevation’s revival services and I haven’t watched a single one :( Hopefully they’ll remain online this week? And hopefully Steven Furtick will start blogging again. I’ve missed his posts the last week. I imagine he’s flat exhausted right now though.

    Saying a little prayer for Lexi (and for you). Hope you all have a terrific week!

    • I love libraries :)

      I heard all these services will be on their podcast feed. Check them out, some really good ones! I think Christine Caine and TD Jakes were my two favorites.

  2. It’s good to see you back! I have to get into a regular blogging routine myself, and I struggle with it. I hope things settle down for you and Lexi.

  3. I looked this morning for an updated blog, I had missed them! Being a parent is such a joy but I don’t always like the guilt & stress that comes with it, I will keep praying for you and Lexi.

  4. It sounds like you have a lot going on! I’m glad you are working at home more.

  5. Heather W. says:

    I would like everyone to know I was able to name Lexi’s pyrite from the museum without having to look it up in a book. Thank you World of Warcraft. lol

  6. Happy to have you back! We’ll join in saying a prayer for you and Lexi. This parenting business is tough sometimes, I know.

    When you Guys come to visit (notice the “when’ not “if”), Matthew and Leila would love to show Emma and Lexi around our museum. It was one of their favourite outings and it has a fantastic hands-on kids’ area. Leila was interested in rocks and minerals at the same age. She liked anything that had her birthstone (opal) in it. You’ll have to start checking pockets before doing your laundry. I used to find all kinds of rocks in Leila’s pockets and backpack.

    Congratulations on getting your first, “Mom, you’re embarrassing me”. Next it will be one of their friends saying, “Your Mom is so cool” and your kid responding, “You don’t have to live with her”.