Top Ten Tuesday: Tax Time


I love tax season.  I know, you don’t hear that very often.  But let me explain.

  1. I love numbers.  For a few years there, I would do my taxes by hand but then still get them done so I could see how close I was to the right answer.  Why yes, I did give myself a test on taxes.  *sigh*  I know.  The geekness knows no bounds.
  2. I love getting extra mail.  I know!  My life is boring.  But knowing I’m getting important! mail! and often! makes me happy during January.  I normally lo-uh-ove the mail but January has a special place in my heart.  I’ve been known to call companies on February 1st asking where in the world my 1099 was.
  3. I love office supplies.  So organizing all the papers into categorized stacks and then putting one of those huge alligator clips on them makes me happy.  My kids love office supplies too but they get like 2 pieces of paper and try to use these huge clips when a paper clip would do.  But tax papers?  I NEED the big clip.
  4. I get to make lists.  I love lists.  I make lists just so I can check things off.  I’m not even joking.  They say you get a little shot of adrenaline when you check something off.  Clearly I need as much excitement as I can in my day.
  5. I get to print and highlight lists.  The geek in me loves running reports in, and our bank so I can find deductions.  I like downloading the exports and formatting them in Excel and printing them and highlighting them.  How often do you really get to use a highlighter for a legit reason these days?
  6. Finding deductions is like a scavenger hunt.  Once I have all these lists printed and highlighted I always go back to previous years and see what I’m missing. I search my email for other deductions I might have missed.  When I cull something up, it’s like I hit the jackpot.  YES!  Another deduction.  It’s like a game!  Try it!
  7. I enjoy seeing if we met our giving challenge.  Our goal is always to give a higher percentage from the year before so I love that challenge to gather all the numbers and see if we met our goal.
  8. Call my silly, but there’s a satisfaction I receive going to see our tax office.  It’s run by a local family in town that knows everyone else in town.  It’s in an office in a house.  The linoleum has to be from 1976.  The dad and daughter do the taxes and the wife answers the phone.  It’s just so homey and small town and I like the tradition of it.
  9. But if I’m honest, the biggest reason I love tax season is since having kids, we usually get a hunk of change back.  Except for that one year I actually made money on the Internets and it physically hurt to write that tax check.  That year wasn’t fun.
  10. And just to drive home the point, the very best part is having those returns randomly show up in my bank account.  It’s always so depressing to go into and see my bank account drain every single day but during tax season?  Surprise!  Random huge deposit in your account!

OK, now I promise I’m not just a money-hungry dork.  I’ll claim the dork part but that’s it.

Tell me, do you love tax season or hate it?

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  1. Clearly the Sanguine in me comes out and I hate it! No fun! And clearly the melancholy comes out in you!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of tax season but I do love numbers, office supplies, and oh the lists that I can come up with! :)
    I’m not a fan b/c of having to pay out every. single. year! :( I do try to look on the bright side and say “At least I have the money to pay them”! :)

  3. You and my husband would be best friends! He’s an Investment Banker and loves numbers, budgeting, saving, planning, preparing our taxes, working with our accountant, giddy about deductions, all of that. I’m just the opposite. I hate always saving receipts, always talking deductions, seeing how much the gub’mint takes from our earnings and then promptly wastes on things like a teapot museum, etc. Grrrr. I’m going to learn from your better attitude though and I love Becky’s comment: thank God we have the money to pay them :)

    • We are flip-flopped then because Scott hates numbers. He would be so clueless if he ever had to put our tax papers together. Can you imagine two number-lovers together though? Could be scary levels of geekness!

  4. Heather W. says:

    I love tax season as much as I hate numbers. I just make sure through out the year I put everything tax related in one spot so it’s not a big scavenger hunt (or I’d lose my mind). LOVE GETTING DEPOSITS IN MY CHECKING ACCOUNT.

    • Heather, you know all about my VERY SPECIAL SPOT so you know it’s like a scavenger hunt in the house at tax time. My purse has a special spot, my kitchen counter, my bookcase…

  5. How are we such good friends???

  6. You crack me up. You test yourself on taxes!

    Maybe I’ll send you mine if you wanna have some real fun!