Works for Me Wednesday: Siri and the iPhone Reminder App

I’m a diehard iPhone lover but there is one feature that I think has fallen flat.  Siri.  Just this morning I saw my cousin complaining on Facebook with another example of how Siri did not interpret her request even close to correctly.  My problem is not so much that it doesn’t understand me but in the limited functions it can do.  For example, I can’t tell it to do anything on Twitter or Facebook, or any other app for that matter.  I could understand except Twitter is a built-in app now.  It should at least be able to open and refresh my timeline.

I’ve found it’s pretty limited to calling and texting people, weather, music, directions and searching.  Some of it is helpful but when it can’t understand what you’re saying, particularly when you’re requesting street addresses or names, it’s dreadfully useless.


The one thing I constantly use Siri for is reminders.  I didn’t even know I had a Reminders app until a few months ago.  I was previously using my calendar to schedule things.  These days, if it’s not on my calendar, it’s NOT happening.  Funny enough, last week I saw Lexi had an upcoming dentist appointment.  I started warning her to get prepared 3 days in advance.  Finally, she said, “But they said they wouldn’t see me until May last time!”  Well, just in case, I made the phone call and sure enough the appointment in my calendar was still in there after we had already taken a canceled appointment a few weeks back and I had forgotten to remove the original appointment.  

The calendar is great and all but I schedule silly things like going to the pharmacy or calling a friend or leaving Amazon feedback I promised.  It’s not really an appointment but I need to do it at some point.  Reminders are great for this.  You still can schedule them, on repeat if needed, and it still reminds you at a certain time but it’s not clouding your calendar with the rest of the REAL appointments.

However, I find the reminder interface a little confusing.  It’s one of the few iPhone apps I say that about. 

Enter Siri.

I find it MUCH easier to say, “Remind me take out the trash every Tuesday at 7am.”  Bam!  It’s done, repeating reminder and all.

Here’s a transcript for my lunch today:

Photo Feb 15, 10 58 23 AM

So it’s not grammatically correct but at least the words are correct.  It will show a pop-up notification on my screen at 12.  When I’m done, I can check it off in my Reminders app.  And if you know me, you know how much I love to do that!

Works for me!

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  1. yes, but again, when she doesn’t understand the words coming out of my mouth (and yes, I said that in a Chris Tucker voice from Rush Hour) she is still useless.

    • I find with non-names and places she’s pretty good. Also, speak slowly and with little distractions around you. LOL that sounds so silly but it’s been working for me.

  2. I think men enjoy Siri more than women. My husband raves about the app, but I only use it for reminders. I love your suggestion about making Siri more interactive for social media. Great idea! And Heather: +1 on the Chris Tucker reference, haha!

  3. I’ve heard that she learns your voice the more you use her, but I’m not certain that’s true. If so, I don’t stand a chance because my kids are constantly asking her something and joking around. I do love the reminders though, it stops me from saying to the nearest person, remind me to pick up toilet paper after church.

  4. Haha! I don’t know why I am uncomfortable walking through a store with toilet paper in my cart. Everyone uses it! I’m weird though…

  5. Siri doesn’t understand my nasal infection sounding twang so we aren’t very good friends. However, Jake (my teenage son) an I have a lot of fun asking it nonsensical questions. We have had some great Mother/Son moments with it at least. So for me, it works for now, to get that extra time with Jake & the childlike laughter out of a teenage boy.

    • Shannon, I totally get that. Sometimes Scott even gets in on the fun with the girls. Of course, his questions/comments are usually about bodily functions Siri doesn’t understand LOL

      • lol, Jake asked Siri to be my best friend once. The reply was something like, Shannon I am not human. I don’t have feelings therefore I can’t be your best friend Shannon.