What I Wore Wednesday: How to Wear Royal Blue Shoes

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I’m pretty sure this is the first What I Wore Wednesday.  If you’re not familiar, folks take pictures of their outfits through the week and post them on Wednesdays.  I’m usually not inspiring, too forgetful or self-conscious to participate but I recently got these royal blue suede shoes (Elvis!) at the behest of the Mother of Fashion herself.  I mentioned them briefly in this post

But royal blue is a great Spring 2012 color and she insisted the blue shoes were “basically a neutral”.  Ha!  Well, as it turns out she was right and I’ve been able to wear them with many different outfits.  In fact, I’m having to convince myself not to wear them every single day since they’re so comfortable.  I thought I’d share a few outfits I’ve worn in the past week as well as a few bonus ones just in case you want a few tips.  Here are eight ways to wear royal blue shoes:


Apologies for the busy background and cell phone snapshots.  Another good reason I don’t do WIWW often.  In any case:

  1. Yellow striped shirt, black blazer and royal/navy blue necklace.  This is my favorite out of all of them.
  2. Kelly green long sleeve tee and a navy and white scarf.  I could live in long-sleeved tees but this is a fun way to make them interesting!
  3. Orange tank, royal blue cardigan and royal/navy blue necklace.  Cardigans don’t have to be matronly!
  4. Royal blue stripes and orange tank.  And in other words, what I’m wearing today.
  5. Navy striped shirt.  Mother of Fashion tells me navy and royal blue are popular together this year. I think I wish I had a little yellow jacket for this outfit. 
  6. Orange tank and grey crop sweater.  This is my ultimate work from home cozy outfit.
  7. Black and royal blue dress.  Wears like a shirt and skirt.  I usually wear black shoes with this but the blue is fun!
  8. Yellow striped shirt.  Again, you could do a third color in a jacket or scarf here or even a cute belt if you can pull it off.

You’ll notice in only a few of them am I actually wearing royal blue in the outfit and when I am, it’s with another color.  I actually prefer the shoes not to match exactly.  In fact, I think Mother of Fashion would probably suggest that’s the only way to wear them. 

I hope this inspired you a little.  If so, don’t forget to pin it! If not, let’s just forget this post exist, k? Hope you’re having a great Wednesday either way!

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  1. Love this! I had a friend come over to my place last week and help me figure out things in my closet that I could wear and mix and match stuff up. I just needed to get a few basics and I was good to go! I love the blue suede shoes!

  2. I’m loving cobalt this season. I just bought a cobalt skirt & a pair of skinnies, but I want those shoes too! They are adorable! I’d wear any & all of those cute outfits! I especially love the cobalt paired with yellow on you – so pretty!

    • Thank you, Ally! I wish I could pull off the colored jeans. I just don’t know. I think I’d feel too self-conscious wearing them. I think they’re adorable on others though!

      • Skinny jeans were made for girls like you with long, thin legs. And that color looks so great on you! I have a pair of red jeans that I’ve loved.

        A trend I won’t try is the comeback of the 80’s floral jeans. Remember those? I had a pair in elementary school. But the last thing I need is a big ‘ol floral print across my rear. No thank you.

        • Floral jeans…I don’t think I ever got involved with that one but who knows. I did *love* a pair of salmon colored jeans I had in high school. I think someone has a pic on FB of it for evidence. Maybe I have too many bad memories of those to go for the colored jeans again :)