American Idol Top 10

AMERICAN IDOL: Final 10 L-R: Phillip Phillips, Elise Testone, DeAndre Brackensick, Hollie Cavanaugh, Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine, Heejun Han, Jessica Sanchez, Josh Ledet and Erika Van Pelt. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

Deandre: I did not enjoy this in the least. I felt like I was laying poolside and the band was playing down at the end of the pool instead of my bed. So much cheese and I just don’t think it showed his voice at all.

Erika: Holy wow. Her hair is different. I think this is a great song choice for her. Really showed off her range. I think she pulled off the right attitude.

Joshua: I just love his voice and conviction so much. Perfect song choice for him. And how do people not know that song? Wow.

Skylar: While I feel like she picked the right song I’m not quite sure I liked the arrangement. I think she needed to stick a little closer to Garth Brooks’ version than she did. I’m surprised she said that’s who she was copying after.

Elise: I think it was an awesome song on her. I feel like that was just her style. Just not sure it will connect with voters since it’s so unknown.

Phillip: I love Phillip. I say it every week but I seriously cannot quit smiling when he’s on stage. I love that he’s so consistent. I was worried before the season he might not be but he’s really proving he’s got it for the long haul.

Hollie: I felt like she was pushing it too hard and the bad notes were distracting. Just not her best.

Heejun: Well, I feel like we’re on borrowed time with Heejun. That was super fun but maybe not a winning performance.

Jessica: She really did sing that beautifully. Not my favorite song ever but she really proved once again how big that voice is.

Colton: Loved this. Just perfect for him.

Favorites: Colton, Phillip, Elise, Jessica

In trouble: Heejun, Deandre


  1. I’m just floored that the AI folks keep bringing in these worthless peeple like and Diddy as vocal coaches. C’mon, are we really supposed to take these hucksters seriously? They may be capable entertainers within their own niche – and that’s being generous – but they are not singers. Groan…

    I thoroughly liked the way that Phillip and Colton dismissed Diddy and Hilfiger and just did what they wanted to do. Colton was awesome but as much as I dig Phillip, he’s just too far from mainstream to make it all the way. He chose a very cool song, but even to a fan of old Billy Joel, the way he chopped it up made it much less enjoyable than if he’d done it more straight up.

    And as much as I like Heejun, he’s toast. His performance was loads of fun, but each week further emphasized his vocal limitations.

    Chapped me that the judges gave these two nothing but praise, but nit-picked on Hollie, whose performance wasn’t perfect, but was so much better than theirs.

    I’ve been a fan of Erika’s all along and her song choice was good, but I didn’t like the new look. She can do better than to aspire to copy Pink. I don’t get why none of the women ever mention the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Martina McBride, or Melissa Etheridge as influential musical figures. Sure, Pink is kinda fun, but she’s more fluff than substance.

    Jessica is incredible, but I thought she failed to heed the coaches’ advise and her song got too “screamy” towards the end. Power doesn’t always mean volume.

    Ready for Deandre & Joshua to both go.

    • I think vocal coaches is the wrong term for them. They are more performance or style coaches. And you can’t ignore the fact those guys have it. Sure, they are a ton better vocalists but I still think they can be valuable. BUT I am glad Colton and Phillip didn’t listen. Those guys know who they are. People like Skylar need to hear they need to tone it down.

      Pink has no substance?? Seriously? I’m not a huge fan but respect her vocals a lot.

      Joshua to go? Nooo. I love him. But yes to Deandre and Heejun! No way Joshua should go before either of them.

      • Well, I overstated a bit but I do believe – even tho I do like a lot of her music – that Pink is more swagger & spunk than substance.

        Really bummed that Erika was sent packing last night. Totally the wrong way to go. She has vocal skills miles beyond some of the guys.

        I liked Mary J. Blige as a mentor. I struggle with overlooking some of her ego, the woman does have terrific vocal chops. If she toned down the hip-hop aspect a bit, she’d come close to being the next Aretha Franklin.

        I really liked Harry Connick, Jr. as a mentor. I’m not likely to go out and buy one of his albums, but I respect his skills, professionalism, and longevity.

        I’d love to see more mentors involved who have some credibility, both musically and professionally. Seriously, Diddy? He’s less a musician and more the end-result of lots of collaboration with very talented producers – much like many of his ilk, such as Kanye.

        • I didn’t watch last night but heard Erika got the boot. Cannot believe that. No way she deserved that.

          Totally agree on Harry Connick, Jr. One of my favorites ever!