Mad Hatter Sebastian Stan

Have you been keeping up with the show Once Upon a Time? To be honest, it’s not the best show ever but it has a few things going for it.   I’m captivated by the Snow/Charming storyline.  I’m always interested to see how they’re going to finally tie the two worlds together.  And finally, I’m curious every week to see a new fairytale tied in. 

Well, I just caught up with the The Hat Trick episode and I have to say, I was completely enthralled with the Mad Hatter.  Well, not the Mad Hatter but the guy who plays the Mad Hatter—Sebastian Stan.  Rarely do I pay attention to guest appearances but I seriously could not quit obsessing how good this guy was.  In true Amy fashion, I wanted to know more!  And of course, I’m going to share it with you.  First, off, here’s a little screencap I took of him as The Mad Hatter.


For once on this show, I actually believed the guy and his insistence on knowing the two worlds.  His love of his daughter was moving.  And yes, the guy with his scruffy face is pretty to look at.  If Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson had a kid, I think this would be him. 

So it turns out I’ve seen this guy on screen and didn’t even know it.  He played Carter Baizen in Season 2 of Gossip Girl.  I watched that whole season but don’t remember him as a stand-out.  I rewatched this scene and could recall neither him nor the entire scene. 


He also was in Captain America and Black Swan although I’ve seen neither of these and from what I can tell, I wouldn’t have picked him out of the crowd.


Seems like he’s pretty popular in real life as he dated his Gossip Girl costar Leighton Meister for two years and up until December dated Dianna Agron, better known as “Quinn” in Glee. 

In any case, I just have to put it out into the Internets that I like this guy and I hope we see more of him.  At least checking out the The Hat Trick will be worth your time.  I think I’m going to have to give it a second spin myself. 

Sebastian, if you have Google Alerts on yourself and happen to read this, please let me thank you for a terrific performance in the OUAT episode.  Without giving away the ending of the episode, I do hope we see you again– GraceFully.

Anyone still watching the OUAT?  Anyone a Sebastian Stan fan?


  1. Loving OUAT! I like the re imagining of the classic stories. I had no idea who he was, but he did seem familiar! Gossip Girl!

    It’s a great storyline, I really hope they keep using it. It is a nice parallel to Emma and Henry.

  2. Never watched it but I laugh every week at my niece’s plaintive wail … “don’t end it THERE!”

  3. That is the only show I’m still DVRing and watching. I’m a couple of episodes behind though.