Gardening Outtakes

A friend messaged me a few days ago asking if I might take some pictures of the girls in the garden for a magazine article about gardening with kids.  You know I signed right up for that.  I had already taken the pictures in my head, one child happily watering the flowers while the other was picking out weeds.

Um, yeah.

Right off the bat I snapped this one of Lexi pulling on the tangled hose.  What *is* this evil look on Lexi’s face?



Emma started helping with the hose but became distracted by some dirt on her hands.



Then there’s this one of Lexi’s shocked face after Emma squirted her.



Lexi quickly became preoccupied with her balancing act.



And apparently she got thirsty



And then dirty



And then decided to dance a jig between the two beds



And then do other crazy…






They finished off our gardening session by testing out how much the Stream setting “felt like lightning” on Lexi’s feet.



I can’t imagine why they might not use our pictures.


  1. I love the photos! If they are looking for what it is really like to garden with kids your photos are exactly it. You have a hose and siblings and you know someone getting sprayed. Also, each different setting on the spray has to be tried. I think you fulfilled your assignment perfectly! :)

    • This is the fun stuff but I did manage to capture a few decent photos that weren’t totally off base of reality.

  2. Loved it!!! We all looked at it together at work and had a good laugh!!

  3. Haha! Looks like heaven to me :)