On Planting Seeds

Have I told you lately how much I loved gardening this year?  My pepper plants are still producing and we just took out our tomato plants this past weekend.   I can’t even count how many batches of salsa I made this summer.  It. was. glorious.  I’m pretty sure I lived off smoothies and salsa for about 6 weeks straight.

Also this last week I decided to take the plunge and plant carrot seeds.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before but I am terrified of seeds.  Like, T-total terrified.

What if they don’t grow? 

What if I waste all my time, money, water and space and it does…nothing?

What if I stare at the dirt hoping and praying for change and it just keeps looking like…dirt? 

But today?  Today I came home after two days of rain and look:


Do you see, do you see?  It’s baby carrots!  Baby carrot plants!  It’s working!  The seeds are really growing!  I know preschoolers and their Dixie cups are laughing at my inability to believe a seed would actually grow but honest to goodness, I didn’t think they would.  I felt like a momma in the maternity ward and had Scott take a picture.


God didn’t waste a single moment of that garden.  He hasn’t all year.  I’m still leaning into this new mentor relationship and I feel the same way about it as I do those little carrot seeds. 

What if she doesn’t grow? 

What if I waste all my time, money, emotions and she does…nothing? 

What if I stare at the dirt hoping and praying and it just keeps looking like dirt?  I mean, not that she’s dirt, but you know, not living up to her growth potential and all that.

And God just said, you’re planting seeds, Amy.  Give it time.  Give it what it needs to flourish.  It’s supposed to work this way. 

I’m so scared of the risk and doubtful of the growth but I know it has to be better than never planting the seed at all.


  1. Beautiful post as always, Amy! I’m not a gardener but I totally got the correlation between planting a garden and investing in the life of another. Well written! And definitely better than never planting seeds!
    Beth Zimmerman recently posted…Pray – Praise, Talk, Listen, and ObeyMy Profile

  2. Hello! I found your blog through the Allume attendees site…I hope to go next year..I am not new to blogging…but new at actually making a point to blog..Know what I mean?
    I seen your post below about the app Lift..super cool..I am downloading as we speak..if you know how to find friends..add me!! I am all about clicking a button ..just to click it! LOL!
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    • Nikki, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t figured out how to add friends yet, it’s very weird. I can see friends that have added me though.