Attention, Permission to Peruse Subscribers


Two posts in one day!  I have a little bloggy business I need to address quickly.  If you are subscribed from a reader or from email, I need you to pay attention! 


If you’re not subscribed, please let me fill you in.  You can get my posts in your email inbox every day by putting in your email address on the form in the sidebar under “Subscribe By Email” —>>>.  You can subscribe in a reader like Google Reader by clicking here


After hearing Darren from ProBlogger at Allume, I finally made the decision to switch from Feedburner to FeedBlitz.  There are rumors flying around about Google’s free FeedBurner service disappearing.  While others have refuted it, they’ve had issues in the past and don’t offer some functionality Darren suggests.  That said, I’ve converted and it may take some work on your part to stay subscribed!

For those of you reading through email, you may have already noticed a little different look to the emails but otherwise, the migration should have been seamless.  If you’re not getting emails or want to, use the “Subscribe by Email” form on the sidebar.

As for RSS subscribers, it’s supposed to be migrating RSS readers for those subscribed to the site but if you’re subscribed to Feedburner directly (likely) then you probably need to update your subscription!  I’d love for you to switch over to email but if you’re a Google Reader fan like me:

Let me say it in big letters:


Switch your subscriptions from


If you’re not sure what feed you’re subscribed to in Google Reader, here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Log into Google Reader
  2. On the top right, click on the Settings button on the far right
  3. Click on Reader Settings in the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Subscriptions TabGoogle Reader (62)
  5. Scroll down to Permission to Peruse.  If it doesn’t say “”  underneath, please delete that subscription and then click this to resubscribe –>


To my subscribers, THANK YOU for letting me into your inboxes and readers. 


  1. If I got this in my inbox do I need to do anything?
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