When Advent Season Goes Awry

A few weeks ago I decided that I’d try to take our own picture for Christmas cards.  We had just gotten back from church, the sun was shining and this bush in the front of our yard was burning this beautiful deep red and I thought it would be a perfect background. 

I rustled everyone up, brushed hair, set up the ladder to hold the camera and then set everyone up.

But then we realized there wasn’t a good angle for the bush because our electric box was hidden behind the bush.IMG_1623

The sun was shining SO bright none of us could actually SEE.IMG_1624

Scott was irritable.


And Lexi was in near tears.


Sometimes the best laid plans fall short.

We’re in Advent season and amidst all the tinsel and bells, there’s going to be yucky stuff too.

Pictures aren’t going to come out, parties are going to be awkward, presents are going to be ill-fitting, uncles are going to be crass and grandmas are going to be bossy and tired.

It’s ok, y’all.

You’re not alone in your just-not-right moments and when the sun’s too bright and the electric box is too green and Daddy is irritable, take a deep breath and remember we’re celebrating the birth of a baby Jesus in a stable.  It’s not going to be perfect, it’s probably going to be messy but if a baby can go on to save the world from that mess, we can probably move on and be ok too.


  1. Thanks for this reminder! and hey, the picture of us you’re getting on our Christmas card was taken at Easter. I figured in black and white no one would notice and everyone looks decent.

  2. I love that even your “bad” family photos are great! Lexi’s expressions are adorable and Scott’s Patrolman pose would make me think twice about speeding. I can’t believe Emma is already up to your shoulders. Everyone is growing up so fast! Y’all are a beautiful family. :)

  3. I needed to hear this…thank you! Such an awesome message that I’m going to carry with me through the holidays. Appreciate you sharing!

    • You’re very welcome, Sarah. I hope I remember to come to this message through the holidays too.

      Thanks for visiting!