Permission to Peruse Popular Posts and Series

Exciting things are happening around here.   You’ve been awesome readers and we’ve had some really good responses to some recent posts.  In an effort to help some new readers around, I’m trying to clean house a little–straighten things up, organize a few things. 

I’ve done two things recently, one of which I should have done a long time ago and this a Popular Posts page.


You can check it out hereIf you have a minute or two to spare could you stop for a moment and think about one of your favorite posts here and let me know?  I’d love to add some readers’ favorites.


Another thing I’ve one is add a Series page. Many times, I write on a theme for many days.  Like, did you know I cooked through The Pioneer Woman’s first cookbook and blogged most of it?  Or did you want to read the history behind Blood:Water Belt?  Or perhaps relive the days of Friday Night Lights fandom



I’ll be adding more to these but I thought it was a good way to bring together some similar posts rather than relying solely on categories. Please let me know if you can think of anymore series you’d like to see listed. 

Both of those new pages are listed on the top navigation menu for future reference.

And finally, I’m excited to tell you I’m working on a little blog facelift that should be coming your way soon!  Thank you SO MUCH for being awesome readers!


  1. I like it! Mom