Christmas 2012

We had such a good Christmas and I hope you did too. 

Two weeks ago we spent the weekend in Maryland and Pennsylvania visiting my parents’ extended family.

We spent Friday night eating with my step-grandmother and then relaxing at her house.  She’s the wife of my grandfather that died this summer.  It was strange without him there even though normally he’s more of a watcher than a talker when the whole family’s together.  It was a new, good time though.  She had redecorated the living room and it was a nice new environment to match the new mix of people. 


Saturday we had a potluck dinner with my dad’s family.  We were missing one cousin and all her family as she had just given birth the day before, but we got to love on my other cousin’s new baby boy from this year.  So fun having little ones around again.  We played a new “left and right” Christmas game which Lexi led.  Lots of laughter, just how Christmas should be.



Sunday we had dinner with my mom’s side of the family.  We loved laughing with my cousin’s little toddler, the kids had a ton of fun with all the presents and it was good times with everyone.


Fast-forward to this week on Christmas Eve.  Mom fixed us dinner, Lexi regaled us with the Christmas story to the tune of Twas the Night Before Christmas and then we had a nice time opening presents. 


Christmas morning I had the winter wonderland ready for the kids like last year.  They made sure I did it again and even helped with the snowflakes this year.  The girls loved all their presents.  There were no complaints or meltdowns, just lots of smiles.  Their favorite was a doctor kit with personalized lab coats.  Scott and I just exchanged one present.  I got him a watch and he got me new headphones for my computer.


And finally, for Christmas lunch we had steaks over at Scott’s parents.  I even managed to pull together a gluten-free Happy Birthday, Jesus cake for dessert thanks to a little help from Mom at the last minute when I iced it before the cakes were cool.  Again, we had a great time opening presents and it was a nice afternoon.


All in all, a wonderful Christmas season.  We are so, so blessed with lots of wonderful family. 

I couldn’t help but continually think about people in Newtown and many other people who had so much else to worry about this season.  In stressful times, I remembered it could have been much worse and gave thanks for all we did have.

I was able to save a week of time off for this week and I’ve put my house in a head lock and am waiting for it to cry uncle.  Just a few minutes ago, I finished repainting the hall and bathroom.  Lots of much needed maintenance happening as well as family time.

Hard to believe we’ll be saying goodbye to 2012 in just a few days.  Goes faster and faster, doesn’t it?


  1. I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your family! I love the pictures!
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