What I’m Into – November 2013

November was a busy month of birthday parties capped off with Thanksgiving.  I read a lot and watched Netflix with the family to decompress.  I don’t have a ton of stuff to share but let’s get to it!

Online Shopping


I know this might be an odd thing to say I’m into, but I’ve definitely been into online shopping.  Given today is Cyber Monday, I thought it worth mentioning.  I bought all the girls birthday presents online and the only Black Friday shopping I did was some poinsettias from Lowe’s.  The rest was done from the comfort of my office chair.  Even when we did go out for a few presents this weekend, we found that there were better deals online.  And who doesn’t love to have a bunch of boxes show up on your front porch?

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, we’ve found it pays for itself easily.  Also, did you see they’re testing 30 minute deliveries with drones.  I’d be into that.

A serious footnote: I’ve been wrestling with all of this consumerism this holiday season given this post I wrote about Catching Fire. I can’t seem to find my way through it yet and life marches on—we’re crossing our Christmas list off the only way we know for now. Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow on Fair Trade Tuesday.


Earthpaste Toothpaste


Soo…I never thought I’d be including this, but I really am into this natural toothpaste called Earthpaste.  I got it as a free gift on one of the eBook bundles.  It’s made out of clay and has no foaming agents.  At first, I was completely turned off.  But honestly, the more I use it, the more I prefer it to traditional toothpaste. 

I don’t feel like my mouth gets as icky in between brushes, I feel like my breath is better and my friend Becky that uses it too said it’s really helped her teeth unlike any others she’d tried.  I have it in the lemon flavor but it also comes in peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, and spearmint.


Mocha Brownies


Now let me give you a good reason to need toothpaste…Pioneer Woman’s mocha brownies.  I’ve made these several times in the past, but again for Emma’s birthday this month after we were caked-out.  It always gets rave reviews, but be ready for a serious sugar rush!  As you can see, they’re more icing than brownies!


Christmas Music


We started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving so I’ve already been into Christmas music.  I’m not one of those crazed Christmas music fans, but it doesn’t bother me to hear it early either.  I found a few good lists on Spotify (FREE music!) that are perfect background music for the season.




I didn’t read a ton, but I did manage to complete a few books.  I admit, this month’s books are a little unfair.  I read a few Advanced Reader’s Copies I got from Allume. 

Restless – Jennie Allen’s book coming out in January is a next step from her book Anything.  It’s an answer to those calls you have way down deep that there’s something more.  I was underlining this one like crazy—something I only do when a book is one of my favorites.

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode – Crystal Paine’s book is another January release.  If you’ve read Money Saving Mom for long, you know Crystal is like a productivity ninja.  This book is all of her productivity secrets rolled together.  I’ve learned so much from her over the years and I can’t imagine this wouldn’t motivate someone.  She aims to stress less, sleep more and restore your passion.  I highly recommend it.

If You Find Me – I read this YA fiction after reading a passing social media comment about it.  It was ok but nothing to rave over.  It had some sensitive subjects in it, but I was drawn to the theme of adoption.  It wasn’t terrible, but I can’t say I highly recommend it either.

Speaking of books, I’m reading through Ann Voskamp’s Advent book The Greatest Gift his month and posting about it on the Facebook page.  Join me there!


What have YOU been into this month?

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  1. My husband and I love Amazon Prime! Such a money saver. We also ran into the video about drones delivering packages this morning. I’m pretty sure I think it’s cool, though we certainly wouldn’t benefit from it out here in Idaho :)
    Emily @ Primitive Roads recently posted…What I’m Into – NovemberMy Profile

  2. I love that you are using the Earthpaste toothpaste! :) I am going to have to restock here soon on that. Did you make the Pioneer Woman’s brownies gluten free???
    I have been in to studying like crazy for my class, Beyond Suffering. I haven’t had much time for any other reading. I will be so glad when Christmas is here and I can read for fun! So many books on my list. I also have a couple movies I want to see. I was glad to see you enjoyed Frozen. I really want to see that one.
    Becky recently posted…I’m A MarathonerMy Profile

  3. I’ve never heard of Earthpaste before! More and more, I’m moving toward natural products. I might have to give it a try. Those brownies look amazing!
    Leigh Kramer recently posted…Dating at ChristmasMy Profile

  4. I made Pioneer Woman’s Mocha Brownies about a month ago! Sooo good. But she is right, I should have cut the icing in half. Sooo rich! Happy Birthday to Emma. Merry Christmas to you, Amy
    Amy E Patton recently posted…What I’m Into: November 2013My Profile

  5. I really liked Anything and I read that Jennie Allen had a new book coming out, but had forgotten. I definetly want to check out “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode”, too!
    Sarah Denley Herrington recently posted…Seasons of Joy and Seasons of SorrowMy Profile

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