Polka Dots and Coronata Stars

A year and a half ago, I saw this polka dot wall at The Nester’s place.  A year ago, I saw the coronata stars in her laundry room and fell in love.  Clearly, I move fast when I think I might like something *ahem* because I finally bought some polka dots and coronata star of my own last month from WallsNeedLove.

The Nester put the coronata stars in the smallest room of her house.  I chose the ceiling of our toilet room in the master bedroom first, because it’s the smallest of our home and second, because it’s one of the few ceilings without popcorn.





Maybe it isn’t very master bedroom-ish, I don’t know.  What I can tell you is they make me happy every morning.

They’re gold and shimmery. I like that they’re hidden in a small part of our house that rarely anyone else sees. It’s like a hidden star display just for us.


As for the polka dots, even though our house isn’t very polka-dot-ish, I couldn’t say no.

I chose the entry way to display them in a starburst pattern.





Again, they make me happy.  They shimmer when the light hits them. It’s especially pretty when it’s mostly dark in the house and a lone ray of light hits them just right.  I love walking down the hall and seeing the burst.  I told Lexi it’s like someone had a handful of glitter and threw it down our wall.

I tried them in a symmetrical pattern, similar to The Nester’s, and also the raining pattern featured on their site, but that table is centered with the hallway and not the wall so it made them both look off.

The starburst pattern certainly is different, but it’s unique and fits the off-centered table and mirror nicely.

Applying them was as easy as peeling and sticking.  I did cut them from the sheet first before peeling and taped them up with painter’s tape so I could arrange them first.  You have to be careful peeling the backing off the stars so you don’t tear the points but overall, it really couldn’t have been easier.  Scott didn’t even help on this one.

Each room was only $12 and the stickers are completely removable. What’s not to love?

Maybe your Walls Need Love? Pin one of the pictures for later?


This post is not sponsored. It just makes me happy.  I did mention that, right?


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the polka dots!!!!! Can’t wait to see it in person! :)

    • I’ve had them for at least 3 weeks I think, you must have passed by them! Or maybe you just popped just inside the door long enough to get Krista?

      • Well obviously I’m blind! Ha! I will make sure I look that way next time I walk in your door!