Armed with Truth

armed with truth tattoo

 armed with truth tattoo

armed with truth tattoo 


I’m in love with these Armed with Truth temporary tattoos and I can’t even come up with another eloquent way to introduce them.  I LOVE THEM and I want you to love them too!

After seeing them over at, I bought them for both me and the girls last month and I’ve had one on nearly every day since.

They last about a week, plenty of time to memorize each one.  From their site, their mission is to “make a way to get scripture into your memory bank by allowing you to take advantage of all the micro moments in life.”

I love knowing the girls are walking around with a Scripture literally on them at all times and I truly have used it to memorize them.  Plus, tattoo without all the commitment and needles!


photo (9) “Bind my wandering heart to thee”


I loved wearing that one from their designer pack. Every time I saw it, I was reminded to keep my mind and heart centered around Christ.

And it’s not just girls wearing them.  I mean, how awesome does this look on @alexsparks?



The whole entire concept is just rad, ya’ll.  RAD.  And I don’t even say rad.

And I have some great news just for you!

They have a Father’s Day special going on right now for 20% off! Use coupon code FATHERSDAY2014.

And, and!!

To celebrate the World Cup, they have a missions pack special right now. For every one purchased, they’ll donate the Spanish version to Global Soccer Ministries who use soccer as a way to share the gospel.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?


It’s like TOMS for temporary tattoos!

I think I just sold myself on another pack!  Whaddya waitin’ for?


This post is not sponsored, but images were used with permission.

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