Fangirl, Adoption Update and a Birthday Request


Random – don’t you think this tree bark looks like pages of a book?


I’m in the midst of a few really busy days at work, tonight we hosted a party for Scott’s birthday (Happy Birthday, babe! That’s 20 birthdays we’ve celebrated together!) and in between, I’ve been disappearing into Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl at every chance I get (Only $5 Kindle book right now, but it’s no Eleanor & Park). So, apologies, but no major posts for the first of this week.  If you missed Faith and Waiting on Friday, I’m praying it will be encouraging to those of you facing some type of wait.

For those following along with our adoption journey, I didn’t want to leave you hanging without a post for a few days and no explanation. We originally thought we were going to hear The Boy’s records/history last week and then have a home visit, but the presentation meeting got pushed to this Thursday. Home visits will happen some time after that and as far as I know, the idea is still to place him at the end of July/beginning of August so things should start progressing quickly.

So, I’ll probably be back for a short What I Wore Wednesday and then hopefully some sort of update on Thursday evening.  Or maybe I’ll just be blubbering all evening.  Not sure yet. Also?  Friday is my birthday, so as an early present (other than, hello, getting to know my son–how about that timing?), go like the Facebook page AND you won’t miss the updates coming up!

Love you guys!