Adoption: Presentation Meeting and Prayer Requests

I hadn’t planned to post today but, I wanted to tell you we set our appointment time with DSS for the presentation meeting–this Thursday 7/16 at 2pm.  I started to make it just a status update, but as it turns out, I have Some Thoughts.

We will be read his background information, be able to ask questions and be sent home with his records so we can decide if we want to move forward with the adoption.  I know we can’t pray to change the past, but please pray for us as we listen and then decide to move forward. I’m taking lots of tissues!

Here are some specific things you can pray about:

  • I want to listen with grace. I already know I’m going to hear some terrible things.  Why else would he be in the state’s care?  But, I want that to move us to compassion towards him, and not towards hatred and bitterness toward whomever was involved.  I want our hearts softened, not hardened as we walk away. We cannot do anything to help his family at this point, but we can love him well. More hatred in our hearts will not help.
  • I want it to be clear whether we are to move forward or not.  I want our hearts to be drawn toward him and just know he’s our son.
  • I truly believe that our timelines will be woven together in ways we cannot imagine.  If this is truly our son, I’m already seeing some threads and am amazed. I want eyes to see the moments where God has been at work.
  • I want wisdom as we communicate to our girls. What is enough for them to understand?

I feel like Thursday will be a turning point.  Right now we know almost nothing, but Thursday we will know all they do.  He won’t be just a name and age to us, but I hope to see his face and know his journey to us.  I’ve been likening this feeling to when I was pregnant and waiting until week 12 to be able to breathe.  So many things can still happen, but it will be like that turning point when you can let go a little.

It’s scary and exciting all at once.  Less than 48 hours, ya’ll!