Feathers Season 2 Episode 1 with Emily P. Freeman [Podcast]


In this episode, I chat with Emily P. Freeman.

Emily  is the author of Simply Tuesday, Grace for the Good Girl, Graceful, and A Million Little Ways. She also blogs at Chatting at the Sky and Hope*ologie, and contributes to DaySpring’s (in)courage. She and her husband live in North Carolina with their three children.


Emily and I open up the episode chatting about summer plans and our kids starting middle school.

Emily shares the story of how God led her husband to leave his job as youth pastor after 12 years, diving into a year and a half of the unknown. He has since led him to a career that God was preparing him for. Along the way, God has taught Emily about the small moments of life which she has written about in her new book Simply Tuesday.

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  1. Always love listening to Emily’s wisdom. The jar of pennies reminded me of the Legacy Countdown app that I have which counts down the weeks, days, hours , minutes and seconds until my daughter graduates (although this would be slightly off given that it is an American app and I’m in Australia but close enough right now at 4 years old). I try to look at it everyday as a reminder that the time I have with her is precious.
    Jodi recently posted…What I Learned in JulyMy Profile

    • My friend Jenny told me about an app like that–I need to get it!

      Thanks for listening, Jodi!

  2. Oh! I LOVE the concept of having co-listeners!
    We’re in a brand new season of life; one that we know that God has been preparing us for for years.
    Honestly, I’m afraid of making a wrong move or misstepping!
    So many beautiful opportunities are opening, but God spoke to me and said with each one, remember to SEEK ME FIRST!
    I’d gladly welcome co-listeners that are intuned with the Holy Spirit and that knows me and my fearful tendencies!
    Thank you for this episode, Amy (and Emily!)!!
    Kela Nellums recently posted…No Doubting. No Wavering.My Profile


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