The Power of Thoughts, Entanglement and an Emotional Affair: My Interview on the Mud Stories Podcast


Heather and I recorded her podcast episode last Saturday. It was a last-minute one, although I’d been thinking on it for weeks. As I was sitting there, a message popped up from Jacque, would I, could I, record my emotional affair story for her podcast Mud Stories? Do you know, though, we’re 10 years out from this relationship and 4 since the eBook and I’ve never really spoken out loud about it publicly? But  without hesitation, I said yes. Remember how God has been calling me to speak this year? Yeah, this is one of those open doors I’m walking through.

I find God’s timing is impeccable to have both my sister and I sharing our stories of brokenness and redemption the same week in the same format. It’s a tale of two sisters, both with very different stories, but at the heart, finally learning that God is the lover of our souls.

It’s my prayer that even if we don’t share the same story, that you too would be beckoned by our Savior in your own mud, throw off whatever entangles you and fix your eyes on Him.

Listen right over here.