Feathers Season 3 Episode 10 with Bailey Heard: Being Courageous and Having a Higher Perspective


In this episode, I interview Bailey Heard.

Bailey Heard is a speaker, co-author of The Ellie Project, author of her weekly inspirational blog, baileyheard.com, and a certified life-coach. Bailey is a graduate of Baylor University. She lives in Highland Village, TX with her young daughter, Ellie. Over the past few years, Bailey has traveled the country, sharing her late husband’s books, Your Best Life Later, A Gray Faith and now, The Ellie Project, and giving her inspirational keynote message that you can take your challenges and transform them into fuel to create a more meaningful life!


Bailey Heard and I start the episode getting to know her with a game of “If You Could”. Bailey then shares the story of losing her husband Andrew to cancer three years ago and then God calling Bailey to travel and share the message of faith Andrew began before his death.

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Life can be short. Once that happened to my husband, I realized that could happen to any of us. That could happen to me.

I want to fully, fully live.

You’re going to learn as you go. Before I would have been afraid to fail. I want to fail a little bit so I can grow and learn and see this progress.

Everybody starts somewhere.

Courage doesn’t come because you are big, strong, or without fear. Courage comes because you aren’t big, you aren’t strong, you do fear but you don’t give up! Andrew Heard

The pride we have doesn’t come from the outside, but from the wonder of the work done on the inside. – Andrew Heard

When we do the inner work, the outer work begins to fall in place.

Sometimes you have to look from a higher perspective to see what’s going on. – Andrew Heard


God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7


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