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I started blogging in the blog dark ages of 2002 as PermissiontoPeruse.com.  I wanted to chronicle my first pregnancy.  Instead of just buying a pen and journal, my techie side took over–I installed Movable Type (what WordPress was called back in the day) on a shared server and started typing away and never looked back.

Blogging has changed over the last 11 years and so has this blog.  As AmyJBennett.com, I still write a lot about my family, but it’s not just for me anymore.

I imagine us sitting down for a coffee as friends and these posts hold what we would talk about (and hopefully a lot more that you would bring to the table–and I hope you do).  Whether it’s something we’re building at the house, something funny my kids did or some deep thoughts I’m having, I’m sharing all the ways I’m growing and changing in hopes we can grow together as friends.

So, since we’re going to be friends, let me introduce myself.

I’m Amy J. Bennett.  Back in 1998 I married my high school sweetheart Scott.


We’ve lived in the same small town for all of our married life except one year when we moved so Scott could fulfill his long-time dream of being a State Trooper.  We couldn’t wait to get back to our small suburban hometown in South Carolina and have been back ever since.

Two years after we were married,  I graduated from Winthrop University with a Computer Science degree (yes, I got married in the middle of college!) and currently work full-time for a large bank in Charlotte, NC as a systems engineer.  Lucky for me, they let me work from home most of the time so I get to do the carpool line AND conference calls.

Let me introduce my girls.

Emma was born that first year of blogging, two years after I graduated from college.  She’s our compassionate, artsy girl.


Lexi came along just shy of two years later and is our animal-lover that keeps us laughing.


We are also in the process of adopting a little boy from DSS.

Oh, and I guess I should tell you about Tucker and Bella.  Tucker certainly thinks he runs the show.


Bella is our puppy.  But don’t let her looks fool you.  This one has some spunk.


On AmyJBennett.com, you’ll find posts about my faith, my family, fashion, design, books and whatever else just might just pop up.

You can check out the Popular Posts if you want a taste of what other readers have liked.

Underneath all these blog posts is just a girl that loves Jesus and wants to share life with people she loves–people like you!



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