Five Minute Friday: Fly


I pulled in the driveway this morning from taking the girls to school. I spotted a bird at the tip-top of the neighbor’s oak, perched and ready to fly away.  I couldn’t move to go inside and yet didn’t have a reason to stay either.  I waited until he swooped into our yard, his movement sparking my own.

As I sat, I thought of the week, ready to call it a terrible one, and yet couldn’t.  It’s been a week of highs—friends visiting from out of town last-minute, sharing a table of new recipes and family gathering around to celebrate births.  But it’s been a hard one too—unexpected ER visits, stomach viruses, tears of fear and longing for friends.  It hasn’t been terrible, but it has been terribly high and low—a week of through sickness and health, till death do us part and stripes of motherhood sewn on.

I sit at the top like the neighbor’s bird–waiting, perched and ready to fly.


Five Minute Friday: Ordinary


I zipped my jacket over my sleeveless, fluttering top and headed down the stairs to the swings.  “Come swing me, come swing me,” they said. It’s work but it’s work that has an end date and I want to soak it all in and do it well until then.

The little one barks as Scott emerges from the screen door with a bag of seed in his hands.  “It’s just Daddy, Bella,” I say.  The girls are loading their legs on top of one another across the swings and they tell me it’s called banana and I should push them like that so I do.  I watch as Scott fills the bird feeders he’s hung from the swing set.  The birds will empty them in a few days and we have no reason to feed them except it brings us joy to see them.

Lexi hops off her swing and runs to Bella, leaning down to talk to her like a  baby, “You’re so cute, yes you are, Bella,” she says as she ruffles her behind the ears.

I hear Emma starting to complain because no one is paying attention to her.  “Mommy, Daddy, let me swing you guys!”  I think of the squeezing plastic against my hips and insist that I don’t want pushed.

Scott and I sit in the glider around the fire pit where he’s just started the flames and we tell her to push us here.  She doesn’t think it’s a great idea so the girls climb in the trampoline and jump and jump and yell, “Daddy, look! Daddy, look!”

I watch Tucker follow Scott like a shadow across the lawn and see my ordinary evening.  Against the tide of the world’s cries, I long for the ordinary.  What did you do this evening, they’ll ask, and I’ll say nothing, but really mean everything.


Five Minute Friday: Broken



Work is just that–work–and it’s to be expected.  But this week, the whole summer even, has provided one of the most challenging of my career.  Between a high visibility, high pressure project and managing an intern–or any person–for the first time, my brain has been in overdrive leaving little for any creative, thoughtful adventures.

The girls’ sitter is on vacation and instead of finding backup, I decided to have them home with me while Scott worked. Cue the boredom and consequential fighting.

And how about we had Emma’s new expander mid-week which is causing more difficulty in eating and just being.  Yes, a child in pain is just what this week needed.

Finishing projects from the water leak remodels have been all but stopped but hang heavy on my to-do list.

And how about we throw in some sleepless nights with a few night terrors from a child and all night play sessions by a certain puppy.

I don’t mean to complain.  It’s all just life and all blessings but I do feel a bit broken this week.  I know enough to know I’m not alone.  This summer has thrown many of us curve balls and tight schedules, leaving us all a bit broken inside.

This too shall pass, I remind myself.

There’s nothing to be done but leaving the to-do lists and taking extra naps and giving extra hugs and letting in help.  Broken, yes, but left stronger.


Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

We had no solid plans for July 4th yesterday.  Scott disappeared for a few hours in the morning for a bike ride and he was off to work that evening.  I just couldn’t get it together enough to organize a cookout for lunch.

I drove to Starbucks for breakfast and saw a local parade getting ready to take off. When I got home, no one wanted to go.

No one wanted to go for fireworks that night.  I couldn’t even garner interest in riding to go sparklers.

Mid-morning I read about the canon firing downtown.  I asked if the girls wanted to go. Lexi said no and Emma asked me if I wanted to go.  I said I’m fine either way

But do you want to go? 

I don’t care, I said, I’ll go if you want to go. 

But do you WANT to go?

If you guys weren’t here, no, I probably wouldn’t go. 

So you wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t go?  she asked.

No, I won’t be disappointed. 

Then I don’t want to go.

A beautiful little heart is growing in that one. 

Way more beautiful than any firework we might have missed.


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(in)RL Conference and Five Minute Friday: Friend



My intent with today’s space here was to tell you about the free (in)RL conference this weekend.  It’s free and you can stay right at home and watch.  Or, there are meetups going on all around the world where you can meet new friends and watch the webcasts together.

I was honored to film a tiny little segment while I was at Allume last year.  I talk about how intentional I’ve gotten with my real life friends since the (in)RL conference the prior year.

Before (in)RL 2012, I knew that meeting with my friends was fun and I’d always walked away happy but it wasn’t until that conference that I understood it was my lifeline.

I needed community.

I don’t know about you but life builds up inside.  One child is dealing with sickness and the other friendships and then your grandmother gets sick and then your husband’s and then work is pressuring you with goals and you’re trying to write blog posts until 1am and keep up with laundry and make healthy meals every night and keep up with teacher appreciation gifts and on and on and there just comes a point where you’re full and overwhelmed and you just need a friend to unload on. 

And it’s not to dump on them so you feel a lot better.  Because the thing is, your friend has a different list that’s just as long and you dump it all between you and then lift it up to the Father and say take this.  We can’t do it on our own.  We need each other and we need you.

And this week, I found out one of my lifelines is moving away.  And I won’t pretend there haven’t been tears.  I know she’ll read these words and I know she’ll understand.  Because we’re friends and that’s what we do.  We cry when things are hard and lean on each other and the Father together.

I hope you tune in to (in)RL this weekend because I believe in the power of community and friendships.  It will encourage you and remind you—friends help build your soul, keep you sane and sometimes give you a great reason to have a cup of coffee.



I didn’t register last year until 20 minutes into the first session.  The last opening session doesn’t air today until 9pm EST.  Do it, it’s worth it!


Also, I hope you realize all of YOU are my lifelines too.  I share my life and you say “me too” and it helps to keep marching on.  Thank you for staying with me.


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