Old Navy Clearance Haul

I normally feel guilty about buying so many clothes and sharing it on top of that, but I can count on my hands the clothes I bought for myself in the last 18 months. Plus, you’ll see these were such great deals there is no guilt here!



Black Friday Haul

OK so I didn’t really plan on shopping Black Friday.  There wasn’t anything that jumped out at me like years before.  Christmas trees, flat screens, Nintendo DS’s are all from years past.  BUT there were some awesome deals at Belk for boots.  And I need (ok, need is relative, I know) some more boots.  My Nine West black ones are scuffed at the toe and I think all of them (with the exception of my cowboy boots) were purchased 4 to 5 years ago.  But Belk’s early birds were more like late birds and I was going to have to get up at 3:30.  I hemmed and hawed.  I got dressed, prepared to go out, set my alarm and by 10, I just didn’t feel right about going.  3:30 was just too daunting.  I wasn’t sure what size I was, I wasn’t really sure which style(s) I wanted and it was just overwhelming to shoe shop in the middle of the night with a bunch of tired people.  Plus, Scott had to work today at 8am so I would have had to rush out and rush back home all in hopes of catching a few more hours of sleep.

So I gave another once over of my sales papers and found some I liked even better at Rack Room.  The problem was the store hours were NOWHERE to be found.  I reached out through social media to Rack Room and friends, consulted their web site, even called the store hoping for a message and NOTHING.  So I changed my alarm from 3:30 to 6:30 and decided to call in the morning.

I got no answer at 6:30 and dozed until 7 when I got an answer right away.  Open at 7!  Scott was due for work in an hour, the kids were still asleep.  I flew out of the house in the exercise clothes I had slept in, praying the whole way they’d have my size and that the check-out line wouldn’t be a mile long.  Yes, I was seriously praying over my Black Friday shopping.

Prayers were answered.  There were only a handful of people there and all the Bonus Buys I was looking for were set out front. I flew through the sales racks where every single stack had my size and every single one fit me like a glove.  It was like boot heaven!  I was in and out and back home by 7:45!

I even loaded the girls up and went back for boots for them and some much needed tennis shoes for Lexi.

I got SIX pairs of boots.  Yes, six.  Flats and heels in gray and black, heels in brown and a short boot for work in black.  Did I mention I was in need of some boots?  But guess what?  I paid $115 for ALL of them.  Retail was $320.  I saved over $200!!

So what’d I get?  Let me show you!

Are you a boot lover?  Get any good deals for Black Friday?