Say Cheese – The Results

I realized I never posted some of the pictures from this.  There were more but these were my favorites.

This is one of the last ones he took.  I’m standing behind the bar.

Fullscreen capture 932009 32917 PM

This was the shot where it got a little awkward because he kept inching us closer.

Fullscreen capture 932009 33012 PM

Not my legs:

Fullscreen capture 932009 33919 PM

I liked the lighting, focus and her profile:Fullscreen capture 932009 33909 PM

Say Cheese!

So as mentioned earlier today, I went to a photo shoot this afternoon.  I had a very similar experience to my NY trip last year.  I was a nervous wreck beforehand but then felt quite comfortable there.  The photo shoot was at CustomShop near downtown Charlotte.  It’s closed during the day but they allowed them to use the storefront while they cooked in the back. 

When I got there, the photographer Armando was there and one of the other girls (debating whether to say models/talents) Mackenzie.  Within a few minutes, another girl Kate, a guy Danny and the makeup artist Elizabeth were there.   The two girls had done some previous shoots but weren’t professional.  Danny, is actually a race car driver/actor/model and lived in New York for a time.  You can see some of his work on his web site

The first thing we did was sit at a few tables to see about lighting and grouping of people.  Next, we all picked out outfits.  I went wearing a black top, blue jeans and black heels.  Another girl had a similar outfit and then the other two were both wearing jeans and white shirts.  Weren’t we creative?!  I had brought two more shirts and pants.  He decided on a green and brown top that I had, khaki jacket/white shirt for Kate, Mackenzie kept her black shirt and Danny got a salmon colored sweater. 

We each got our makeup done by a former MAC-turned-independent makeup artist.  She did mine very natural.  Nothing like NY when she did a smokier eye. While we each waited on makeup, we took turns getting individual shots and then getting to know each other. 

The first shot I was in was with Kate.  We sat at a table and I had lean over and pretend like I was telling her a secret and another shot where we were laughing and then we switched places.  Let me tell you, I don’t think I understood it but modeling takes a bit of acting skill. Which, if you know me, I do not have.  I was definitely not prepared with funny stories.  I think I said a lot of um’s. 

When it came to the group shots, we sat at two different tables while he took pictures of us talking.  We had to tell funny stories.  Or just interesting stories and wear a fake smile.  Except…I was very interested that we all took turns telling actual stories.  I learned about a man peeing in Rome and a man smoking crack on the train in NY!  We also had drinks given to us and we just had to hold them.  In one of the first shots, Danny poured us all wine.  Don’t worry, Mom, I didn’t drink!

Kate and Mackenzie did a pose together and then Danny and I sat together and did a pose as a couple chatting at dinner.  He kept scooting us closer together and we were all “Awkward!”  It did make us smile though!  So somehow we decided to talk about TV to keep the chattering going while he took pictures.  We both talked about our favorite shows.  The funny thing was trying to talk about Dollhouse and talking about murder while supposedly being happy and dating!  We were like murder!  funny!  haha!  Awkward!

So yeah, we all actually just had a good time, smiling a lot and actually listening to each other’s stories and backgrounds.

Armando Bellmas was the photographer.  Look him up if you’re in the Charlotte area!  He was great at giving direction, was very organized and seemed to be very genuine and nice.  We’re supposed to see some proofs to choose from at the beginning of next week.  Much better than a cell shot in my car.  Can’t wait!

So I know I’ve talked about it before but I really would like to do more of this.  Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see the pictures but really, each time I do this I walk away thinking I could do that all the time!

Sleep shoot update

Today’s news is the sleep shoot has been cancelled until further notice.  M says the client has decided he doesn’t know what he wants now.  Oh well.

Comp Card here!

Wow, M surprised me and sent me the finished comp card today.  Here it is!

I’m really happy with it.  M is so good at that layout/publishing stuff.  So now I have to make myself send it to agencies. That makes me REALLY nervous.  I may wait until after next weekend to see how it goes.  Just to make sure I am comfortable taking pictures with strangers.  And M says, bring your pajamas and a robe.  Uh, I think my two rules were no lingerie and no swimsuits.  That doesn’t count right?

Sleep Shoot Details

Sleep shoot…does that sound weird?  It’s better than saying the photo shoot for the brochure for that guy who helps people sleep.  Anyway, just got word the photo shoot is next Friday evening and the other model contacts came from a high school contact we have that works I think at Barbizon or something.  Yikes, I think that makes me nervous–doing a shoot with possible professional models.  I hope they’re cute..hehe.