Poetry Assigment: phone book

i thought about him
when I saw the stranger in the
brown coat buying tulips.

it made me think of the night
he gave them to me,
told me he’d never leave me.

he hadn’t lied.
i thought i’d known what i wanted
when i walked out the door.

so i went home
picked up the phone book
since i’d long forgetten

i cried when a woman answered
hung up
and threw away my tulips

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soul bared

i bared my soul
made you known
to someone lost
without a home

they say it’s right
what should be done
but who would know
i’d feel so alone

did i lose a friend
for the sake of you
though it may hurt
i’m willing for you

be with him
as he hears your voice
draw him close
to make a choice

and be with me
be my friend
when i have none
and always, amen

Prayer of a Struggling Saint

My heart longs to follow you
Yet darkness calls to satisfy
The yearnings will not stop
Though continually I try

Please make my desires yours
For now your will is not my own
I know if that does not change
It is only grief I’ve sown

I want to offer a clean hurt that’s true
Keep waiting to make amends
But only when my eyes can see
All I have to offer is sin

So take my pride
Strip me of my boasts
Only when you take what’s left
May your will be my own