What I Wore Wednesday: 09.25.2013

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You know I had to wear my Stitch Fix shirt right away! I paired it with a coral necklace and neutral shoes like the style card suggested.




And just because they entertained me, I thought I’d share some extra shots we took that night.  You can see my silly girls with their silly poses in action.






I sort of thought we were doing nice family photos but clearly they had other plans.  Welcome to my world, friends.


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Stitch Fix #8



After last month’s Stitch Fix delivery, I really wasn’t sure I’d go for #8 but another credit showed up (THANK YOU) and I couldn’t resist.

I’m so glad I did because this one was way, way better.


#1 Opaque Faceted Gems & Rhinestones Necklace



First up is this necklace. It was at the top of the box when I opened it and I oohed and aahed.  I think it’s really pretty but I’m not sold on the colors.


#2 Rossi Polka Dot Print Neck-Tie Blouse


I was a little annoyed this blouse showed up. I told them in my feedback after last month I didn’t want any blouses with a neck tie.  However, the polka dots are insanely cute.  And if you can’t tell, this makes me feel like a nerdy librarian and let’s be honest, it’s not too far from the truth.

I feel like TiffanyD could pull this shirt off with some glamour but I’m not sure I can.


#3 Ivy Zig-Zag Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse


If you can’t tell, I like this one.  It has color, it has a pattern, it’s not tight, I like where it hits on my hips.  I know I’d wear this a lot. My only concern with a shirt like this is it won’t stay in style for very long.


#4 Larsen Heart & Stripe Print Sweater


Y’all.  After last month’s flamingo fiasco, I nearly laughed out loud when I found almost the exact same sweater except with hearts on it.  And most of you don’t know this about me, but I’m not a big fan of hearts.  They certainly have grown on me in the past years, but listen, I would NEVER wear this sweater.  Never.  Plus, it’s too small.  And just for the record, that’s what sarcasm looks like on my face.


#5 Denna Colored Skinny Jean



So that is my suck-in-my-gut face and the one above it is I’m-not-really-sure-about-these-pants face.  I love that Bella is in front of me, like I’m not really sure about these either.

These were actually really comfortable and I pinky swear I’m going to lose a few pounds for the winter so they won’t be quite so tight.  I love the color and the length is perfect for me.  Even if I don’t keep these, they’ve definitely convinced me to buy some colored jeans.



I have $30 credit so I’m for sure keeping some things.  With Allume coming up, I’m willing to spend a little extra so I can wear it there and don’t have to go shopping beforehand.  I *think* the blue one is a keeper and I’m debating the polka dot blouse and pants.  I think the polka dot shirt would actually look good with the jeans as my stylist recommended.

You guys are always so good to help me pick though.  What do you think?


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Stitch Fix #7



Wow, how did we get to fix #7? Yes, yes, by getting 6 other shipments, thank you.  But seriously, it doesn’t seem like I’ve had that many.

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a personal styling service.  You pay a $20 styling fee for a stylist to choose 5 items for you.  You get to keep whatever you want, deducting the $20 fee from your total or use a postage-paid return envelope to return the rest.

As soon as I went through the fix, I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to keep anything.  I even threw it out on the Facebook page to see if anyone even wanted to see the fix.  With a resounding yes, I started trying them on.  And really, it was better than I thought.

But then…

My friend Katrina suggested I use the opportunity to be super silly and ham it up.  And there’s a sweater with a flamingo in this fix and I just really could not get it out of my head.  Plus, I’m supposed to be having FUN.


I’m sorry, lovely people at Stitch Fix and all the rest of the Internet, here is a silly photo shoot taken under the careful direction of my 8 and 10 year old girls. Katrina, I’m very sure this isn’t what you had in mind, but the kids thought it was grand.



This cardigan is actually doable. Just not sure about the color.


This is the one I’d consider keeping.


I don’t know, I just, yeah. I don’t like this pattern and whatever was going on at the neckline.


I realize it’s a thing to wear sweaters with animals on it, but I can not wear this sweater with a straight face after this. Also, I think I’m an Egyptian flamingo.


I could not even zip the back of this it was so small.


What say you, friends?  You are still my friends, right?  Can you see through all the silly to see if I am misjudging the fix or should I send it all back? I have $25 credit and all these are $50-60.  I lose my styling fee if I send it back.


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Stitch Fix #6


It’s been about 6 weeks since my last Stitch Fix.

For those just checking in, with Stitch Fix you pay a personal stylist $20 to send you 5 hand-picked items.  You then have 3 days to decide which to keep, if any. If you do keep any, your $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase. 

A paid return envelope makes it super easy to return any items but you do lose your $20 if you choose to send it all back.

I felt like this was a great fix but unfortunately when I splurged on the jeans and necklace on Fix #5, I used up all my credits.  We’ll have to be really blown away by these to keep them!


Red Printed Flutter Blouse



Well, I just love this shirt.  There’s not really anything I don’t like about it and I can definitely see it in heavy rotation in my shirt-shorts-sandals summer uniform. My only concern is the length.  Is it long enough?


Lace Button Up Tank/Bead Necklace


This white lace shirt was pretty, it fit perfectly but there just wasn’t a wow factor there for me.

I popped on the necklace from the fix.  It’s pretty but I don’t think that I’d wear the style or color. 


Embroidered Pink Cardigan


I almost didn’t even try on this cardigan.  It seemed too cutesy for my taste, it’s small and I’m not a huge fan of the color combination or print.  It did look a ton better on but this definitely didn’t wow me either.


Green Pin-Tuck Blouse



If you know me, you know I love green.  I love the color, the necklace, the sleeves, the length—it’s a winner for me.


The green and red blouses are definite contenders as keepers but the price tag at $45 a piece is holding me back.  Since I’ve already paid my styling fee, I will probably keep at least one since I like them so much. 

You guys totally changed my mind on my last fix and you guys were RIGHT.  I wear both the necklace and jeans all the time.  So, should I keep both blouses?  If I pick only one, which should it be? 


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If you’d like to try out Stitch Fix, I get $25 credit to keep having fun with these Stitch Fix posts.  Thanks for supporting the site!

Stitch Fix #5



My latest fix from Stitch Fix came Thursday while it’s still SO exciting to get, I admit my expectations were a tad lower going in this time. 

By the last fix, I was disappointed that I hadn’t yet hit the Stitch Fix jackpot and wanted to keep all five items.  But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this fix. 

This is first fix where I legitimately could see see all of these items in my closet.  The color and style were spot on and it’s buoyed my hopes for future fixes.

Let’s get to it!


3/4 Sleeve Blouse

First up was this red 3/4 sleeve blouse.  The color is even more gorgeous in person.  I was instantly drawn to this first.


The style and color are just perfect but the problem is I got completely lost in it.  It’s even more prominent straight on but basically it looks super boxy.  I’d belt it but I look horrible in belts.  I’ve had so many people try to say I should do belts but no.  Belted shirts just do not work on me. 

I usually love blouses like this and even have one or two similar in style but I don’t know, something just isn’t working.


Pink Pointelle Shirt


Next up is this pink pointelle shirt.  It has this great tribal pattern and is perfect for spring.  I like the style and the fit is great. 

But listen up, it is already summer here in the Carolinas and I just wouldn’t get any use out of this for months.  Certainly a contender but maybe not what I’m looking to spend my money on right now.


Bubble Necklace


I admit I was disappointed at first to see a jewelry box in my fix as I’m more the $5- jewelry-at-Forever 21 kind of girl but I have to admit, this bubble necklace is just gorgeous.  I suppose it is NOT gorgeous with this shirt but the jewels are so pretty in person and the color would be really versatile.  I like this a lot even if it is more than I would spend. And oh look, my earring is about to fall out.


Striped Maxi


Stripes and maxis.  Sigh.  I love them.  And this one with the detail at the neckline is just gorgeous.  I wish you could see the neckline better but it is REALLY cute in person.

This is one of the priciest item of the bunch so I’m going to super picky here.  First, I already have a striped maxi so that doesn’t help.  I think the horizontal lines are a bit droopy from the front and it’s not entirely flattering but I think that might just be this picture too.  We didn’t get any great ones from the front.

I also feel like it’s a tad short.  I wouldn’t be able to wear any heeled sandals.



But if you look at this picture you can see it has a cute racer back and I think the stripes are fine from the side.  My other issue is I feel like it might be too fitting around the middle. Scott really loves it though (imagine that) and my friend even took a look and assured me it was not too tight.


Skinny Jeans


And finally, the last item was a pair of skinny jeans.  These jeans are hard to get on but are super stretchy and comfy when you do.  The color is great and the length is perfect for flats or would work well with boots.  As far as jeans go, I think these are a winner. But again, I’m not sure if I want to drop any money on jeans at the start of summer.


So, the jeans and red blouse are out but I’m really considering between the other three.  I basically have enough credit to cover one of them.  Is the maxi or necklace worth the cost or should I pick up the pink shirt and just wait to wear it?


If you’d like to try out Stitch Fix, I’d love for you to hop over with my affiliate link where I get $25.  If you’d like to see my other fixes, here ya go:

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