Day 9 complete – he’s home!

st1.jpgYay, Daddy’s home!  S and I ended up taking our two vans up to the airport to get them.  We had a hard time finding it as the screen was not very descriptive of where to find arriving international flights.  So Scott was headed from the opposite of baggage claim when the girls saw him. So they did the whole running to and hugging him thing.  It was sweet.  Lexi didn’t let him go for a good 10 minutes.  Then it was back to mommy.  Such a mommy’s girl. 

st3.jpgSo the trip went well.  No “big stories” to tell. They were able to give about 30 packages away and go into some places no missionary has been before but I believe that was about it.  Scott is horrid on details so maybe when I hear the story from someone else, it will be more dramatic.  lol.  He couldn’t quit talking about how beautiful the country was and how friendly everyone was. 

And he brought back lots of goodies.  I got 3 or 4 shirts, a dress, a skirt, a bracelet, ring and pillow covers.  I was incredibly impressed he clothing shopped for me with a bunch of guys.  Go Scott!  I love getting stuff I can use though from trips.  No random trinkets for me, thanks.  He brought the girls handmade necklaces and purses.  They loved their “real” necklaces.


st2.jpgSo his parents ended up coming over here to fix dinner which worked out much better.  Scott’s eyes were drooping around 7 which was 2am his time and he had been up since 4:30 am his time.  Needless to say he’s been in bed.  The girls kept wanting to sit with him and even wanted to lay in bed with him after he went to sleep.  Lexi moreso than Emma.  Sweet girls missed their daddy, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow he’s already back to work having to do the prom talk at the high school.  He doesn’t actually go back on shift until Friday.  So we have a little bit of time to get back in the groove of things.  It’s good to have him home.

Day 8

Almost done with this Turkey trip!   Counting hours now, not days.  I think their plane takes off from Turkey to Germany in less than an hour if I have this figured right.

Today was ok.  A little tougher than last week.  I kind of was breaking down about 3pm.  Lexi was really tired from school and wouldn’t take a nap and I had Skyler here for a little while and we had problems at work and my house was a mess again and I was sort of losing it.  But we got out of the house when I quit working and Lexi fell asleep and Skyler had gone by then so I got the house picked up.  And I got work fixed before I left so it all got better.  I was optimistic the other night but today, I’m ready for Scott to come home.  Really.  I can’t wait to hug him.  I think I might cry when I see him.  I’m so excited.  And the girls are excited.  Emma said, is he going to be in bed when we wake up in the morning.  Aww.  She’s used to him sleeping work off from night shift.  She is ready for him to come home for sure.

No more updates from them except they said they will call on the way from the airport and we’ll meet them at the church.  Woo!  Can’t wait!

Day 7

So yesterday I ended up doing lots of stuff. Went to the gym, cleaned out my fridge, including above the fridge.  Did lots of laundry.  The kids came home around 3 and then we stayed around the house.  I cooked here (again-wow).  This morning of course was church and then we spent the afternoon and evening here.  Easter is over and there’s no choir practice for awhile.  And with S gone to Turkey, they played games at church tonight so I didn’t worry about going.  I let the kids eat Dora Soup here and Heather brought me some crab alfredo from Red Lobster.  Yum. my.  This afternoon I also completely cleaned out our kitchen pantry.  It now looks like a small grocery store it’s so organized.  And also completely cleaned off that messy kitchen counter.  Yay me.  Scott is going to have a duck when he sees all I’ve done around here this week.  I even had the cable company come fix channel 11 finally.

To be honest, this has been one of the best weeks I’ve had in quite some time.  I’ve been less irritable, more patient, more productive and just peaceful.  I would hate to say it is because Scott is not here.  I know I’ve worked really hard to keep the house really clean.  And it shows.  Even A came over and said hey, this house is really clean without Scott here.  Which if anyone knows us, Scott is the ultimate straighten-upper and I am not.  But I have worked hard this week to pick up the slack.  I’m a very neat, organized person when I try to be.  But most of the time I just like to LIVE in my house.  But this week, I don’t think I’ve had a dirty dish in the sink or counter for more than an hour.  Every laundry basket is empty right now.  I even washed some of Emma’s dress up gowns.  And I mentioned how much I have cleaned out.  And the girls and I have not eaten out once.  Sure the family has cooked a meal or two for us but even lunches I have fixed them.  And this is all without them in school…which I’ve always thought made life easier.  And barebones honestly, Scott and I haven’t been around each other to fight.  We don’t fight like throw things at each other fight but we’ve always called them “discussions” but really all of our “discussions” have been quite exhausting lately and not having to “discuss” every thing we do this week has been quite nice.  Which I think accounts for the lack of irritability on my part.  And people keep asking me if I miss Scott and I do really miss him but at the same time, I’ve had a great week and I can’t really knock that.  I know the girls are starting to really miss him.  I think Lexi has given up asking Where’s Daddy she’s asked so much.  Today I had to give her a spanking and she called once for Daddy and then immediately called for Heather (who has been around quite a bit this week).  And Emma, the first thing she asked when she woke up this morning is ask if Daddy was here.  It breaks my heart to say no.  Only 2 days left though and it surprises me.  Heather tonight on the phone says wow, you did good this week.  And I thought about that and Scott is really gone a lot.  With his schedule, he’s either working or there are so many people that count on him for different things that he’s usually gone a lot on his days off.  I guess I’m used to running the house without much help.  I sort of picked up the “straighten up” helpfulness he usually provides and it all worked like normal.  But the girls don’t have their Daddy to play with in the living room floor and I don’t have my husband to cuddle up with at night.  It’s not the same but I guess part of me is pleased that I could at least run this thing by myself with two kids by myself.  A 9 day trip certainly isn’t the measurement of single motherhood by any stretch of the imagination but I think if forced to do it I could.  I certainly would never, ever ask for that.  His time in police academy for 5 months was enough glimpse of that.  And little girls need their daddy.  I’m just sayin I’m proud of myself for this week.  Or I’m happy someone prayed for me this week.  Because if that’s it, all I’m seeing is answered prayers around here.

Got an update!

Scott emailed me a little bit ago saying it “This is an awsome trip, the Lord is blessing.”  It makes everything so worth it.  Then S called S and said he hadn’t been with M much so that is why he hadn’t kept in touch much and he was getting ready to give a concert somewhere!  Wow!  A few minutes after, I simply wept and knew God is moving there.  S is very talented and I know God is using him and the other guys.  I simply can not wait to hear all the stories of how God moved.

Day 6

Yesterday may have proved to be the easiest day.  Mom came and got the girls before lunch and kept them until about 4 or so.  Work was light for me but I kept busy.  Heather came over in the evening and I cleaned while she played with the girls outside.  MIL came and got the girls about 7:30.  They are still over there from last night.  Supposedly they made hot dogs and s’mores on a campfire last night.  I sort of wish I had been there for that.  But Heather and I went to Longhorn last evening and it was the. best. last night it has ever been.  (that’s what she said lol) The steak was just perfect and the juice and flavor exploded in my mouth on the first bite.  Yes, it was THAT good.  I hadn’t eaten anything but a small salad for lunch so by 8:15ish when we got our food, I was starved.  So we went and got this movie Love Comes Softly and watched it.  Heather left about 3/4 into it.  It was a cute, sappy movie.  Just what I was in the mood for after all those crazy movies this week.

So today I didn’t wake up until 11.  Which was great.  I’m eating my breakfast now and am determining what to do.  I’m not sure when the girls are coming back.  I do have the house entirely cleaned so yay.  It was so much easier since I have kept this house virtually spotless all week.  I’m SO proud of myself for that.  All I had to do is pick up some radom things in each room and then dust/vacuum/clean the floors.  I had deep cleaned last week so nothing was really dirty.  Now I’m just finishing up the laundry.  I’m thinking today I will head to the gym and then come back and clean out some really bad areas.  The fridge and pantry need cleaned out.  And our side kitchen countertop always could use some help.  Or, I could go to the church and load some video.  Who knows.  I guess whatever I do means I need to get off here and go do it!

O, btw, no news from the guys since yesterday morning.  And by now it is their bedtime, so I guess there will be no news until tomorrow at least.