Friday Night Lights

In the fall of 2009, this comment on this post by my friend Kaitlin began a love affair of the TV series Friday Night Lights.  At the time, I was running a fan site for One Tree Hill and quickly jumped on board to create one for Friday Night Lights with Kaitlin (, since closed).

Soon after, we created a podcast to review the latest episode and managed to interview several of the cast members.

In the Spring of 2010, Kaitlin and I met up in Austin, Texas for the yearly charity event that Kyle Chandler (“Coach Taylor”) and Brad Leland (“Buddy Garrity”) host, Beyond the Lights.  In Austin, we were able to meet several cast members and also was invited to the set of the school.  

Several people have been interested in our interviews and reviews since the site closed. I’m planning to upload and share and will probably be hosted on this page.

Relive my favorite FNL moments below!


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