Day 30 of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred

I did it!  Technically I’m 32 days in but I skipped 2 days.  Overall, I’m giving this video a big thumbs up.  Was it fun?  No.  Was it hard? Yes.  Did I want to skip it every day?  Yes.  Did I want to punch Jillian in the face?  Yes.  But do I feel great after 30 days?  You bet.

And more than that, I have some results.


Overall, I only lost 2 lbs.  I know, some of you can poop and get rid of that but I tend to sit in between two clothing sizes and just a few pounds makes a difference on whether I can zip a pair of pants or not.  So yes, 2 lbs means a lot to me.  However, I really wanted another 3lbs. The DVD says 20lbs in a month which is ridiculous to promise with so many body types.


I have no idea on my measurements.  I didn’t take them. But I can tell a difference in my size in only one place.  My abs.  If I squeeze real tight and lean the right way, I have what appears to be the start of a six pack.  I’m not plastering a picture of my abs on here but click here if you’d like to see some real-life results.  I couldn’t produce any of those “indentions” 30 days ago.


With every level and even within every level I saw improvements.  Day 1, I didn’t even use weights for any of the arm exercises.  I could barely pass on push ups and now I can do the traveling push ups (still on my knees) way past what she makes you do on Level 3.  I was doing what could barely pass as lunges but can now do the jump lunges in Level 3.  I can feel more strength in my thighs and actually can feel where my abs are engaging to make the process easier.  Same for those push ups.  Who knew you used your abs for push ups??  So basically, yeah, I’m stronger.


Day 1, I was huffing and puffing right into the 20 minutes.  I remember Heather walking in at the end of the exercise and said “BREATHE!”  The workout is still, well, working me out, but the cardio doesn’t wear me out like it was.


I’m amazed at how you can be flexible, quit working out for a year and your body completely forgets what it was doing.  Day 1 I could barely touch my toes during the stretches.  Now, I can lay my head down on my knee to stretch.  That’s about the only way I know how to describe how much more flexible I am.  I wouldn’t say I’m a flexible person in the least but I CAN say I’m MORE flexible.

What I liked about the workout:

My favorite part was it was 20 minutes.  That seriously is the only thing that kept me going for 30 days. I found that about an hour after dinner was the best time for me to work out.

I liked the workout was pretty flexible.  You were allowed to move up to the new level when you wanted and they offered the easy version for many of the exercises.  I found that I was sticking with the easy exercises for several days.  And I’m actually still on the easy exercises for a few in Level 3.  I’m very interested to go back to Level 1 and 2 to see if I can do everything at the max.

I liked that there was no fancy equipment.  I ended up doing the last two weeks of the video in my room that has carpet so all I needed was my weights.

What I didn’t like

What can I say?  Besides the payoff, working out isn’t much fun.  I’d be ok if I never heard Jillian say  “hit the deck” again.  And I thought she might make out with “her girl Nat” she kept praising her so much which became annoying.  But really I don’t have any major issues with the video.

What’s Next

I think I’ll continue with the video.  Like I said, I’d like to go back to Level 1 and 2 and maybe keep up with “her girl Nat” the whole time.  Maybe I’ll alternate the levels every day.

Overall, I’m pleased and will be recommending it!