#HBC Howard Stern

We took the subway to dinner at Angelo & Maxie’s (more on that later!) Sunday evening.  We sat in a row about two benches down from the end of the car and a tall, skinny man with very bushy, curly hair got on with a skinny blonde lady towards the end of our car.  They stood close for the ride and were obviously together but didn’t stand out too much.  The guy wore glasses and jeans.  The girl was pretty casual.  I think she had some type of hat on (Dani/Heather..?  my brain is already failing from 3 days ago).  I think we commented that the guy looked like Howard Stern.

We all got off at Park & 22nd with them in front of us.  As we walked onto the sidewalk, the guy kind of turned around and looked us but then continued across the street.  Later on, we determined that was most definitely Howard Stern and his brand new wife and I think he might have been disappointed we didn’t say anything to him when he turned around.

I’m not a huge Howard Stern fan so I’m not too disappointed but it would have been cool to meet a “star” and get pictures either way.  Especially the day after they got married.