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I’m feeling agitated today. Not sure why unless I have PMS which quite possibly could be the case. Lexi was up at 4:30am. Yeah, that was fun. She ate and played for about an hour. Scott relieved me halfway through because he couldn’t go back to sleep and he knew I would. Which was right.

Scott is off with our youth pastor who wanted to buy some mace for his wife and they had to go to the Christian bookstore too. Good combination, huh? So Scott has to go help Mom this evening do an installation and it kind of ruins my gym plans. I may have to take them to Child Watch again if I want to go to the spinning class I was planning on going to.

Did I mention MySpace was addictive? LOL. I think I check that as much as I check my email now! I’ve caught up with people I haven’t seen for 10 years since high school. It’s weird actually.

So 6 of us are planning to go out for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure if we’ll do it on Tuesday or go out Saturday. I’m guessing Saturday for babysitter purposes. I can’t wait! We’re supposed to go dress shopping this Saturday!

Bachelor was good last night. The teacher – what is her name – grew on me a little last night. I didn’t think there was anything between them but I could actually see them together last night though. Scott still likes Susan but I am pretty sure that he is already fallen for Sarah from Canada. I really don’t think Mulana is as bad as everyone makes her out to be. I don’t think she’s his type either but I don’t think she’s purposely mean.

Ok, Lexi is not napping, I gotta go get her out of her crib.

Not so exciting day. Nothing bad, nothing good, just same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Emma went to school this morning. I worked all day. I actually worked really hard. I was ready to quit for the day by 3:30. So we went to Target and spent another $100 for no apparent reason :). Except I got a really cute bra/underwear/robe set. I went to the gym this evening. Tried Rock Bottom with a new instructor. And that instructor had a sub. I didn’t like this one quite as well. It was great for tonight because she added a bunch of cardio to it and I really need it right now but normally, I like a little more concentrated sculpting than what she did. I was going to stay for part of the spinning class too but they were out of bikes already. I came home while Scott went to the gym and gave the kids a bath and we’re watching our shows tonight. So, see, normal day around here.

I think I have another poem whirling around in my brain but I don’t think I quite have enough concrete ideas yet. Before last month, I never wrote poems but I have found it quite therapeutic.

Oh, and Lexi has been saying cracker the past couple of days. It’s more like ca-kah. But she says it the same consistently so that has made me feel better about the whole situation with her talking.

Emma got her first pair of actual tennis shoes today. I’ve always gotten her Keds as tennis shoes. But today she got some like my Nikes. She says they are the same as mine even though they are different colors. She looks so old in them though. She is really starting to lose her baby/toddler look. We bought her a capris outfit with flip flops that she picked out at JCPenney and she looked no less than 5 years old. It was heart-wrenching. I just couldn’t understand where my little baby went! I think in a way we’ve been so concentrated on Lexi growing up the past year we’ve not realized how much Emma has grown too. My baby!!

I’m feeling good tonight. Had a really good weekend. Friday night I went to the scrapbooking party with Heather. There was seven of us there. I actually stayed until after midnight and got home at 12:30…wow, when is the last time that happened? Everyone was a lot of fun and it was like old times. Heather apparently is the queen of scrapbooking. You should have seen how much stuff she brought! And a couple of the people had very limited knowledge so she was able to help them out. I only got 3 pages done but at least I made some progress.

Saturday Lexi and I ran around doing errands and I cleaned. Saturday evening we went out with the in-laws.

OH!!!!! And I met Jaynee Saturday morning. I was on my way to an errand on Saturday morning and figured they would be looking at their land and they were! I came around the corner and saw her red hair and was like Jayne!!! I only stayed for a few minutes and our plans didn’t work out for them to come over to the house (next time, Jaynee!) but it was very cool to meet her. A little surreal maybe, but cool.

So today was church, which again, was really awesome and put me in a good place again. Tonight is Grey’s Anatomy and I’m totally psyched. I always at least end my weekends on a good note.

As for G, I thought a lot about him in church today. Not in a bad way, just in a I want to shake you until you get it kind of way. I just can see him in a different place as a good Christian. It’s not that I don’t think he is a “good” person. I mean he’s nice, honest, intelligent. But I know and he knows he could replace some things in his life with other better things. And I just feel like saying What are you waiting for? I just feel like he’s waiting to find Mrs. Right and then she’ll “whip him into shape”. I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t feel that way but I see it that way and I just don’t want him wasting any time not doing what he’s supposed to be doing. Like, in the spiritual, what God has planned for him supposed to be doing kind of way. I should be talking to myself but at least I am starting to really search out what my purpose is. Anyway, how do you tell someone this kind of thing without looking like a pompous prick?

MySpace is the most addictive thing I’ve found in quite some time. If you’re not on, you should be. Here’s me if you know me and want to add me.

Growing Up

Boy, I feel old. Not old, just grown up. I just read our local newspaper. On the front page is a guy I graduated with who has started his own clothing line and is having a fashion show at our high school. I turn a few more pages and another guy that went to our school has opened up his own restaurant in town. To top it off, a guy I graduated with is getting married to a girl five years younger than us. That means we have to be five years older than marrying age! And then, I actually read an article in the Health & Fitness section! OK, so I do feel a little old, not just grown up. The people in our newspaper and business owners around here are no longer strange middle aged people, it’s the people I grew up with. We’re becoming those strange middle-aged people!!!