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Grey’s Anatomy comments–I just feel so bad for George. I mean, the poor guy. You felt bad at the beginning of the show because you kind of get that he was hurt by Meredith but you don’t really GET how bad it was until near the end with his flashback. And then, you saw all the awkwardness, the ickiness and then the slap in the face that Meredith gave him. He had no idea what happened with her father that day. All he knows is the woman he loves is NOT enjoying him when it means the most. The writers over at seem to hint at–and I hope it’s true–that George gets something good out of this. That he gets a backbone and is better for it. But let me tell you, I’m not at all impressed with Dr. whatshername that is into him. That was weird too for some reason.
And Denny. I wish he would get better. Izzie and him are so cute together. And Alex, a teensy-weensy part of me feels bad for him because you could really tell he was getting into Izzie last night but dern. He has done Izzie wrong and now he knows just a little bit how it feels.
And I liked Addison last night for the first time. She actually showed some humanity and real emotion. Yeah, it might have been about poison oak but at least she seemed normal.
And if I wasn’t so mad at Meredith, I might be a little excited that her and Derek are trying to be friends. But we all know that’s not going to work. They’re both too vulnerable right now and it hasn’t been long enough since they were together and they were already giving each other looks. That’s going downhill fast. I bet they get themselves some poison oak on their little walk before it’s over.

So I got my cleaning done today. With the exception of just a few things, my house is clean. That always feels good. This evening Lexi and I went to Wal-Mart with Mom, Heather and Emma. I say Emma at the end with them because Emma is staying with Mom tonight and taking her to her church in the morning. So Lexi is already asleep this evening and I could technically go to sleep. I also could organize and throw out a BUNCH of stuff in drawers, cabinets and closets. I have the energy tonight thanks to caffeine I drank today but guess what? I put in my Grey’s Anatomy DVD again. So I’m stuck.

Scott still seemed to get a little bit of a fever back today and so did Emma. Emma was doing really well today and seemed back to normal but she seemed like she was getting warm at Wal-Mart. I really don’t know what is up with those two. I’ve never seen this on and off again fever for so many days. I would take Emma to the dr but she acts completely normal except for a little bit of coughing and the fever.

I really have nothing exciting to talk about this evening. Oh, uh, I’m not supposed to say anything but Scott’s cousin is pregnant! The sort of bad part is that means ANOTHER November baby in the family. And, if it’s a girl, that’s craziness. We had Emma 11/02, two more girls one in 10/03 and another in 11/03. Then Lexi came 11/04 and now we will probably have another 11/06. And their family is not that big! Let’s just hope it’s a boy!

So since I have nothing to talk about, I may as well make this as random as possible with random lists I made up:

Things I especially love seeing clean:
Newly vacuumed carpet
No crumbs on the outer edges of the kitchen floor under the cabinets
The toilet, right behind the seat

Things I will spend money to get the higher quality:
Paper towels
Toilet Paper
Soft drinks
Panty hose

Places I would go right now if I could:
To the movies to see Brokeback Mountain
To Longhorn to get Flo’s Filet
Shopping at Ann Taylor
Be a fly on the wall at G’s birthday party

Ok, I think all that was random enough.

Do you know how addicted I am to Grey’s Anatomy? I bought the first season and finished the 9 episodes in 5 days in only 3 sittings. That includes bonus material too. And tonight I’m watching all the podcasts on iTunes. So much for 9:00 bedtime tonight.

Has anyone noticed how addicted to things I get??

So I gave G the letter today. Our manager had given him a card just from her during lunch and when we were all walking out I told him I had a card in the car for him. So he came with me and I gave it to him and told him to read it later. When I got home, he didn’t say anything to me for like 2 hours. Which is a really long time for him. We usually chat on and off the entire day. And he just said thanks for coming to lunch and thanks for the card and what you said and it’s kind of long story and without all the details, he basically confirmed that I had been a good influence on him. Which really means a lot to me. He doesn’t seem to be ready to make any life changes right now although we did sort of dare him not to drank for 40 days a couple weeks ago since we didn’t think he could do it and he’s doing it starting after his birthday party this weekend. And he said he’s going to start working out again since he wasn’t going to have much to do during the 40 days. Which is exactly what I thought he should be doing. It’s just not good for his health if nothing else. I would love to see these 40 days be his excuse to say you know, it’s not so bad and if I’m really going to pick up a girl like I want, I need to be doing stuff differently from now on. Whatever it takes. Like I’ve said before, I just see so much potential for him. Anyway, I’m glad that he didn’t chew my head off for what I said and not talk to me ever again and at least he seemed appreciative of what I said even though I wouldn’t guess he might agree with all of it. My only job was to lay it out on the table and that’s all I can do. What he does with it is his call.

So tonight I’m really tired. I’m not going to make it past 9 I don’t think. Emma still has a fever and last night she tossed and turned and I didn’t get much sleep. Scott is working tonight and although I really should clean while the kids are asleep, I just don’t have the energy. I’m not even disappointed that I’m not, I just know I couldn’t do it. We picked Emma up from MIL’s Wed night and Emma said, did you clean while we were gone? Which is cute because usually when MIL gets her I do take the opportunity to clean. I guess they are more aware than we think sometimes.

AI last night was pretty good. Most of the people that left were expected. I was a little surprised at Becky but I guess her voice is what Simon calls forgettable. I’m just glad Bobby went home. That sounds really bad and I don’t think he sings bad, it’s just you put him beside Taylor or Chris and he’s just, I don’t know, not as good.

Emma is not feeling well. Still. It’s like a 3 day fever with some coughing. I haven’t taken her to the dr just because I’m guessing it’s bronchitis which is almost always a virus and they can’t really do anything about it anyway. Usually I’m rushing the kids to the dr but I just haven’t this time. She’s been in a decent mood and doesn’t seem like it’s wiped her out. I guess I just keep hoping it goes away on its own.

So today is G’s birthday. I’m going up to the office to go out to lunch with everyone. I have a letter to give him today when I see him and I’m sort of nervous about giving it to him. It’s not a letter like you think. It’s a letter I’ve felt led to write him. About his spiritual life. It wasn’t easy to write and I was crying so much I could barely read it to Scott after I was done. I’m just hoping it is received well and maybe even makes a difference.