Archives for March 2006

The deck is finished and it looks great. He had to do some rework on the steps because it got to steep from the last step to the ground on the one side. So it took an extra day but it is great now. We bought a patio set today at Wal-Mart and Scott is in the midst of putting that together.

Mom and Dad left for Hawaii today. Mom won the trip for selling so much for Hunter Douglas. I so wish we could go. They are going to the island that they filmed Jurassic Park at and the word is there is absolutely nothing to do. Probably good for Mom but not sure that’s where I want to go for Hawaii. At this point though, I would love to go and enjoy the quiet. There’s just no way I could leave the kids and go. And there’s no way I would want to go on a 12 hour plane ride with them. No thanks. So maybe one day.

I watched Pride & Prejudice last night. Finally. It was a copy on my machine and I hooked my laptop up to the tv. It worked out pretty good. I went out and bought the DVD today because I don’t think the ending of the movie is the same for the one in the stores. I’m very interested to see it. I loved the movie. It was even better than I remember the book being. At times it was a little boring and a little hard to understand them with their accents and the tough grammer/language but it was one of those things where I want to watch it again to get all the meaning out of what they are trying to say. I did think Darcy’s performance was a little unfeeling. It was hard to read if he was really into Lizzie or not at times. And even when he professed his love, it was a little lackluster. But I can’t help but love a love story. Especially when there’s balls involved.

Skyler ended up staying to play with Emma after school yesterday. Then she ended up going home with Skyler when Candie got off and ended up spending the night there because neither wanted Emma to go home. Candie brought her home at 7:30 this morning on the way to work in one of Kyle’s t-shirts. Too cute–the slumber parties are starting already.

Scott worked on the deck the entire day yesterday and then helped Dwayne and Carla move last night so I didn’t get to the gym yesterday. I was bummed about that.

I actually cooked again last night. Our night goes much more smoothly when I can get it together and cook here. No running around trying to decide where and with whom to eat. No hungry babies and ill daddy’s and scrambling mommy’s. I just can’t seem to be creative enough or disciplined enough to do it every night. And sometimes you just want a hot meal that someone else cooked. I personally don’t like to eat what I cook myself. It’s a weird thing but I’ve heard other people say the same thing.

Work is bezerk right now. They had problems upgrading a server over the weekend and they were still trying to get things back together today. Some were there all weekend and all yesterday until 1am today. My mother hen is coming out and I can’t help but I want to. I’m tempted to make them lunch and take it up there. I probably would if it wasn’t a minimum 35 minute drive each way.

So Friday night’s food was possibly the best food I’ve had in my entire life. If you google Blue Restaurant, you’ll find it at the top. It was pretty expensive. We each got two salads and a meal. No dessert and no drinks and our bill was $91. Yeah. Can’t do that too often. My salad though was like something you saw on Food Network. It had pears soaked in something and poached (?), arugula with some sort of dressing drizzled on it. Gorgonzola cheese and carmalized walnuts around the edges. A little bit of everything on your fork and it was great. I’m not a huge fan of Gorgonzola cheese. I can handle a little bit and would have preferred a different one but I handled it when it was just a little. I had filet as my meal with risotto or something underneath it. It had carmalized onions and sweet peas in it. Yum. Scott had wild boar. I tasted it and it was pretty yummy. J&W had calamari as an appetizer and I even ate some of that. It was a really fun night out with them.

So Saturday I cleaned. yay. Emma spent the night with MIL Friday and stayed with them all day Saturday. Lexi and I stopped by a home show that mom had a booth at. It was pretty dead though. Saturday evening we stayed in while Scott worked on the deck. He got one set of stairs done. Today he’s supposed to finish up the other side.

Yesterday was the usual. Church, eating with parents, Lexi napping and the rest of us lounging at home and then church again.

So unfortunate that Grey’s was a rerun. I was still compelled to watch most of it. I recorded it and will probably pick up where I left off. That episode was very medicine-y.

I got swept up in Food Network Star reruns. I watched the first season of the show but hadn’t caught on yet to the first one. The first few episodes of this season were unbearable I couldn’t even watch. The one girl didn’t know how to filet a fish and Morimoto was about to burst an aneurism–not that I know how to do that but I expect people on there to. Anyway, I really like Guy, Nathan, Reggie and even Andy shows some promise. Beth is apt but boring, Evette’s food is not good enough (according to the judges), Carissa just seems not all together and on the border of unprofessional at times. Anyway, I may keep up with it during Desperate Housewives commercials.

Lexi has been so sweet lately. She keeps giving me kisses and saying “Maaa!” at the end and then every once in a while she gives hugs. It’s so sweet! She is beginning to talk. She calls me Momma very clearly and purposefully now. Things that she says are: Momma, bye-bye, no-no, uh-oh, Belle, Dora, backpack, Map, Mat (for Mattie), mah (for Emma), Dog, tea, shoe, shhh. I think that’s it.

Lexi finally has gotten some air when she jumps. She’s been trying for a few weeks now but usually ended up pivoting on one foot in a circle. But the past couple days I’ve noticed she actually has been getting both feet off the ground. And she also can get up steps pretty good now. Sometimes she can get up our front two steps without even holding onto anything. And yesterday! Dad was supposed to be watching Lexi run around Mom’s house. We heard her crying but Dad couldn’t find her. She was standing at the top of their steps crying to get down. Nice! Thanks Dad! She is pretty fast on her feet though. She’ll is always on the move.

Candie picked up Emma up Friday night and Candie told her to be quiet on the way home because she was on the phone. Emma replied, “God made my mouth so I can talk and I can talk anytime I want to.” Well, ok then. I honestly don’t know where she got that from!

The past two nights Emma has stayed in her bed the entire night and Lexi has slept through the night too. I told Emma remember you can ask angels to stay with you if you get scared. She asked me to pray for angels. So I did. The past two nights she has been completely fine while going to sleep. No begging me to stay in the room with her and she has stayed in bed. Well, alrighty.

Chicken Little is gone! I can’t believe it really happened! I am pretty pleased with the Top 10. Can’t wait to see the Top 5. This is going to be great!

Scott is off today and works the weekend. But we are going out to eat with “our group”–D&D and W&J and us–tomorrow night downtown Charlotte at an upscale restaurant to celebrate D finishing up a big project thingy at work. No big plans for attire, probably just jeans, heels and a cute shirt.

We have had so many problems at work, it’s been a crazy week.

I’m still working on bracket software. Making some pretty good progress. Not sure if anyone will actually use it but it could be if I had the right production environment.

So Scott decided out of the blue to put a deck in on Saturday. We discussed the design early Saturday morning, he went to Home Depot and by 5:00 Saturday we had the frame and Sunday afternoon he put the deck boards on. He still has to do the steps but he threw out his back working on it and it has been COLD and rainy since Sunday. I miss the warm weather… I am so ready for spring/summer!

I’m still working on the bracket software and it’s getting better. Probably still explains my lack of posting here.

AI was really good last night I thought. I LOVE CHRIS! Have I said that yet? I can’t wait for him to win! Kevin must go. Bucky must go. Mandisa was good. Kellie was actually good. Wasn’t impressed by Ace. Taylor was sort of boring for me.