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So I guess the contestants know the themes well before we do because Kellie said in an interview yesterday (I think) that she was going to pick “You Give Love a Bad Name” for her birth year for next week. I know they change songs even up to a day before the show though. Someone said Taylor had to change his song this week on Monday because his other one didn’t get approved. Which may explain why he didn’t do as well this week. Anyway.

I think Chris could also do Right Here by Staind I believe.

Emma’s program turned out really cute last night. We were the silly parents waving to their children in the audience. But she sang and did the motions and everything. She was standing beside her best friend Jules and you could tell she was much more comfortable with her there than she was at Christmas without her. It’s so cute!

BIL is coming home today for good from being in Afghanistan. Scott just left a little while ago to bring them in with his patrol car. I kinda wish I went to see it. The kids are gone with Mom and I’m workin my little hiney off!

This is in response to Jaynee’s comment, but I think it’s worthy of addressing to everyone…

Yep! One of Katharine’s button’s popped in her slit in the dress and we saw some what appeared to be yellow panties. I watched it back on TIVO to confirm and sure enough you definitely see a pop.

And go to! You download the software and then pick people to vote for. Hook your modem up to a phone line and it dials constantly for the entire two hours. You don’t even have to enter the phone numbers. It connects to the service and inputs it. It was SO easy. It lets you know how everyone else using the software is voting and THEN when it’s done, predicts the person getting booted. And it’s been right the past 2 weeks. And yeah, that’s how they get 45 million votes. People like me that get in 351 votes by computer.

“Next week the Top 5 will perform 2 songs. One song will be from the year they were born, and the other will be songs that are in the Billboard charts this week. There will be no guest appearances. ”

Oh, please, Chris, do What Hurts the Most or You’re Beautiful. Not sure his voice would do well with You’re Beautiful. I would die if he did What Hurts the Most. Maybe more than Haveyoueverreallylovedawoman. Go ahead and set up the oxygen for me.

Last night went really well. There were only 4 of us but we all got along really well. Almost like the 10 years weren’t even there. And we made some good progress. Silly me volunteered for stuff. And in more important things, I got complimented on my hair and the fact that it doesn’t look like I’ve had 2 kids. Ok, enough pimping myself.

Scott is working today and the girls are home all day. Emma has an End of Year “thing” at school tonight. I went to the gym last night, maybe I’ll make it tonight after her “thing”. These nightly sundaes are not doing much for my weight. Actually, it’s doing a lot TO my weight.

I’m having a reunion of sorts tonight. Somehow I got invited to a group of people planning the reunion for this year. We’re meeting at restaurant to work on the reunion. I haven’t seen some of these people in the 10 years since school. Hopefully I won’t feel like a dork tonight. Wish me luck.


I was just talking with someone and we said they needed to do a Bryan Adams night. Wow. Ok, obviously I loved Chris last night. I even installed dialidol and it voted 351 times for Chris for me. Very nice. Elliott was good last night too although I’m not a huge fan of his, he can at least hit all his notes. Katharine had a good performance, but not great vocals. And did you catch the wardrobe malfunction? Great live tv. Taylor was good but not fabulous. Paris was ok but forgettable. Kellie was BAD. Some of it was good but all the important stuff was really bad. She needs to go home although my gut says Paris probably will.

I downloaded the mp3s for a guy at work that missed it last night. You can hear them here. I got them from